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Cyber Monday cuts nearly 50% off the Steam Deck-friendly Logitech K400 Plus wireless keyboard

Just £24 for a reliable keyboard/touchpad combo

I know this doesn’t have the clickity-clack, heavyweight mechanical-ness of the gaming keyboards I’d normally be highlighting this time of year, but the Logitech K400 Plus looks like it could be a sweet little Cyber Monday deal. Amazon UK has it down from £45 to £24, a tasty 47% saving.

As you can see, the K400 Plus is a compact wireless ‘board with a built-in touchpad and mouse buttons. Besides making it looking like one of Matthew Bellamy’s ridiculous techno-prog guitars, these additions are perfect for operating a living room PC. Or a Steam Deck, if you don’t want to go the cabled docking station route. RPS contributor (and deals expert) Will Judd has one, and says it’s "extremely useful" and "an essential purchase for anyone with a computer tucked under their TV."

UK deals:

Logitech K400 Plus - £25 from Amazon UK (was £45)

There is a certain cute charm to the K400 Plus, without it going fully twee, and as a childhood Inspector Gadget watcher I appreciate when electronics contain other, functionally distinct electronics within themselves. And for £25, it’s cheaper than almost any conventional mouse and keyboard bundle worth considering.

For plenty more cut-price keyboards, cast your eyes on our vast, pulsating Cyber Monday PC gaming deals hub.

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