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Grab Microsoft's Xbox Wireless Controller for £40/$45 after a 30% Black Friday discount

An awesome deal for the default PC gamepad.

Want to get the best value gamepad for PC? Microsoft's Xbox Wireless Controller is down to £39 at Amazon UK, a great price for a controller that is widely supported in PC games, with Bluetooth, 2.4GHz Xbox wireless and USB-C connectivity. These controllers also work on Xbox Series and One consoles, and plenty of phones and tablets too.

A wide range of colours are available too - I spotted white, purple, red, lime and blue options all available at £40 or below. I also spotted a similar deal on Amazon USA, with the price dropping to $45 on some colourways.

This is the most recent iteration of the Xbox controller and debuted with the current Xbox Series X/S consoles. This brought refinements to shape and tactility, with the d-pad being a particular area of improvement, and there's also a new share button that works on PC and Xbox alike. Despite looking similar to the One-era gamepad, going back and forth between the two controllers makes for an almost night and day difference in favour of the new model. The controller has also proven more reliable than many of its competitors, including those provided with rival consoles and the Elite series of higher-end Microsoft gamepads.

The Xbox Wireless Controller uses AA batteries by default, which allows for long battery life and rapid reloads when they run flat - but this approach can be wasteful unless you're using rechargeables, like the excellent Eneloop Pros. However, it's also possible to pick up play-and-charge kits that slots a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery into the controller, allowing you to recharge over USB. Either way, it's nice to have a controller with an accessible battery.

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