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Co-op horror game Lethal Company is Steam’s latest viral hit as it overtakes Ark, Rust and Dead by Daylight

It only released into Early Access a month ago

The player uses a walkie talkie in a forest on one of co-op horror game Lethal Company's moons
Image credit: Zeekerss

Lethal Company, a co-op horror game about scavenging scrap from moons full of monsters, has become the latest multiplayer game to blow up on Steam, hitting a new player record just a month after launch.

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Developers Zeekerss announced that Lethal Company had shot past 100,000 concurrent players on November 19th, a few days shy of the game’s one month anniversary. Even in the time since, the game has already increased that record player count, now sitting at over 115,000 simultaneous players in the last 24 hours according to SteamDB.

That 24-hour peak puts it above the likes of multiplayer Steam staples including Ark remake Survival Ascended, Dead by Daylight, Rust and DayZ, as well as Cyberpunk 2077 and Red Dead Redemption 2 - and within touching distance of Grand Theft Auto V’s current player count.

Helping Lethal Company to its booming player count and glowing Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam is its cooperative survival gameplay, which tasks players - as workers for an ominous Company - with collecting scrap from abandoned moons.

Those moons aren’t quite fully abandoned, with plenty of gribblies to encounter as you explore. The moons themselves can also be hard to navigate through fog and darkness, with players having the option to stay in the ship and help guide their crewmates, Phasmophobia-style, as they rummage around. You’ll need to rummage well if you hope to hit your Company’s quote in time, or risk the consequences. Bad. They’re bad.

The player shines a flashlight around a derelict moon in co-op horror game Lethal Company
Image credit: Zeekerss

Lethal Company is still in Early Access, and will remain in the works for around six months, Zeekerss expect. In that time, the devs plan to add more creatures, tools, cosmetics - which can be bought with your collected scrap - and maps on top of the seven moons currently in there.

What’s there is clearly already pretty darn good too, going by its thousands of positive reviews and active players. It also helps that it’s only £8.50 if you're curious to check it out.

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