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Get 20% off annual RPS Premium and Standard subscriptions for Black Friday

From today until November 30th

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Black Friday season is once again upon us, folks, but before you sigh with a deep-seated sense of dread, there's good news afoot. From now until November 30th, we've shaved 20% off the price of our annual RPS supporter memberships, which means you can pick up 12 months of ad-free browsing (and exclusive articles and game keys if you pick our Premium tier) on the cheap. All you need to do is head on over to our sign-up page and pick the subscription that suits you best.

This year, we're offering 20% off both our Yearly Premium and Yearly Standard subscriptions, but you'll need to enter the following codes at checkout to take advantage of each offer:

  • To get 20% off a Yearly Premium subscription, enter the code RPSBF23
  • To get 20% off a Yearly Standard subscription, enter the code StandardBF23

With these codes, this brings our Yearly Premium price down to £48/$64 (from £60/$80), and our Yearly Standard price down to £32/$40 (from £40/$50).

If you choose the Standard option, this will get you 12 months of ad-free browsing, a monthly(ish) Letter From The Editor (that's me), and a nice purple Supporter flair when you leave a comment on the site.

If you decide to go for our Premium subscription, though, you'll get all that plus exclusive articles each week, including access to Sin Vega's indie recommendation column Scout Report, and a bunch of free game keys (while stocks last). You also get to set the questions for our semi-regular Ask RPS series, where the RPS editorial team answers your questions about everything from our favourite gaming memories and the inner workings of the site, to our favourite biscuits and hot drinks.

Your support really does mean the world to us, and helps to keep RPS daft and weird in the face of an ever-homogenised internet. So, if you do end up taking advantage of this offer, thank you! We've got lots more exciting things coming up for supporters in 2024 as well, so please do consider signing-up today if you're in a position to do so. Remember, this offer ends on November 30th, and don't forget to use those codes at checkout!

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