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First Hades 2 patch lets you gather seed, silver and souls simultaneously


Hephaestus, the god of smithing, talks to Melinoë.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Supergiant Games

Hell-wandering roguelike Hades 2 has received its first proper patch, and it does everything the developers said it would. You now sprint faster and, significantly, you can gather more than one type of crafting resource per run (as long you've unlocked the tool that lets you gather that resource). This means Melinoë can now go fishing, dig up seeds, mine silver, and gain the trust of errant shades, all in a single night's work. There is a catch though.

Previously, you had to commit to using one tool during any run, meaning you were only able to collect one of these resources at a time. But, following feedback, the game's creators said they "don't want resource gathering to feel too frustrating." As a result, you can now gather everything. Hooray! But wait, what is the point in choosing a tool now before you set out? Well, that's the catch. Choosing a tool now alters how often other items will appear during a run.

"You now can Prioritize any available Tool in the Training Grounds to make its resources appear as often as before," says Supergiant, "while resources for Tools you do not Prioritize will appear far less often."

So, pick the spade, and you'll get the usual amount of digging spots showing up, but those little ripples in water that show a fishing spot will be rarer. Makes sense. All this means, yes, you can gather any resource now, but the tool you pick still affects how many clumps of silver appear, or whatever. You won't be farming everything at an equal rate.

As for the sprint, I can confirm it feels speedier. The dash is now even better too, as you can now dash straight out of an attack. Previously, there was a slight delay between battering ghouls and darting away, as a few milliseconds of attack animation finished. Now you can get away from harm much easier, it feels. I previously wrote that I wanted the sprint to auto-activate after a dash, but, no, I think I might be a moron. This feels good.

There's a bunch of other small changes. "Entries in the Book of Shadows are generally easier to reveal," for example. That's the lore book that gives you tidbits about all the creeps you're fighting. You can view the full patch notes here. Normally when reporting on a game's update I like to pluck a few notes out, because patch notes are inherently funny ("The nose worm no longer eats eyes", "Fixed an issue where jetpacks propel downwards"). But Supergiant are either too good at programming and make few funny mistakes, or they hide all their funny mistakes behind the item: "Other minor fixes". We may never know.

Hades 2 is still in early access, so there's more to be added to the game. Supergiant are planning a new area and a new main weapon, for example. The first Hades remains one of our best action games. But truthfully? I think I prefer the sequel. You can probably tell from our Hades 2 early access review.

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