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Everything we know about Hades 2 release date, early access, characters, and more

Here's everything we know so far about Supergiant's first ever sequel

Melinoë and Hecate stand beside each other looking past the camera in Hades 2. Behind them is a dark blue sky lit by a gigantic moon.
Image credit: Supergiant Games

Want to know more about Hades 2, the upcoming roguelite sequel by Supergiant Games? The announcement of Hades 2 at The Game Awards 2022 was a shock to many, not least because it marks the very first sequel that Supergiant have ever made. It speaks to the incredible popularity of the original Hades, where players are treated to a gorgeous isometric rendition of the Underworld of Greek mythology, and all the sumptuous characters, stories, and battles that lay within.

While it's still early days, we actually have a fair bit of very interesting information on how Hades 2 will diverge from the path of its predecessor. So let's dive right into everything we know so far about Hades 2, from expected release dates to story details and characters.

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Melinoë, the protagonist of Hades 2. A woman with short blonde hair and extremely pale skin, mismatched eyes, and one arm that glows an ethereal green, she's wearing a short orange tunic dress and other bits of vaguely Greek-looking decorations and adornments. In the background float mystical symbols, and glowing weapons hover near to her hands, which are outstretched.
Image credit: Supergiant Games

Hades 2 expected release date

So far, there's no firm release date for Hades 2. It's a far cry from the way in which the original Hades was announced and released in Early Access on the same day back in December 2018 at The Game Awards. We do know, however, that Hades 2 will enter a similar period of Early Access. This was revealed when Hades 2 was first announced in December 2022, but fans had to wait nine more months to find out when they would get to play Supergiant's highly anticipated dungeon crawler for the very first time.

It was revealed in September 2023 that the Hades 2 Early Access will launch in Q2 2024, and it will offer at least the same amount of content as the pre-release version of the original Hades. If you can't wait till then to venture back into Hell, there will also be a smaller technical test that launches before the Hades 2 Early Access. This technical test, however, will offer less content and won't be as widely available.

Hades 2 platforms

When Hades 2 is released, it'll be available both on PC and console platforms, with more specific details arriving closer to the release date. For reference, the original Hades is now available on PC, Steam Deck, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

During Early Access, the game will be available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. You can wishlist Hades 2 on these platforms to be alerted when Early Access launches.

Hades 2 trailer

Cover image for YouTube videoHades II - Reveal Trailer

The above Hades 2 trailer, a joint collaboration between Supergiant and animation outfit Studio Grackle, gives us a juicy glimpse at the sequel to Supergiant's most popular and successful game to date. The first part is purely cinematic, showcasing a dramatic sparring session between protagonist Melinoë and her mentor, Hecate.

The second part of the trailer shows off some flashy in-game combat in some very intriguing new biomes, and conversations with a number of hitherto unseen characters from Olympus and Hades' Underworld. Scroll down a bit to learn more about them!

Hades 2 story: What's different this time round?

The big change between Hades 1 and Hades 2 is that this time round you won't be playing as Prince Zagreus, snarky spawn of the God of the Underworld. Instead, you'll play as Princess Melinoë, Zagreus's sister, and embark on an entirely different quest.

Sometime after the events of the first game, Chronos - the Titan of Time and father of many of the Olympians, including Hades himself - escaped from his prison deep within the Underworld. Chronos controls time itself, and represents enough of a threat that all of Olympus is offering their aid to Princess Melinoë and Hecate in their quest to stop Chronos from wreaking havoc upon Olympus.

Which Hades 2 characters will you encounter?

Moros, Doom Incarnate, speaks to Princess Melinoë in Hades 2.
Moros is just one of the new Godlike characters you'll encounter in Hades 2.

Melinoë is the protagonist of Hades 2. She's the daughter of Hades and sister to Prince Zagreus, and according to Supergiant's FAQ, she's an immortal witch and sorceress with powerful magical abilities that make her ideally suited to defeat the servants of Chronos and the denizens of the Underworld.

Hecate is the goddess of witchcraft and the crossroads, and Melinoë's mentor. She's the one seen duelling with Melinoë at the start of the above trailer. Her mission is to defeat Chronos, although so far we don't know why.

Chronos appears to be the main villain of Hades 2. The immortal Titan of Time, Chronos is the father of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, and others. Long ago he and the other Titans were defeated and trapped deep in the Underworld by the Olympians, but between the events of Hades 1 and Hades 2 Chronos managed to escape somehow, and the Olympians are likely - understandably - a little freaked.

Moros is the God of Doom according to the above trailer. Unlike the Olympians in Hades 1 who offer their boons from afar, in the trailer Moros is shown to be talking to Melinoë in person, like Thanatos from the original game. Incidentally, in Greek mythology, Moros is the child of Nyx, which would make him Thanatos's brother.

Apollo is the God of Light, and one of the Olympians alongside the likes of Zeus, Athena, and the rest. We see him in the trailer offering Melinoë a choice of Boons to accept. Apollo wasn't present in the first game, so his presence perhaps indicates that there are more Gods willing to help out Melinoë in her fight against Chronos than were interested in helping Zagreus escape his father's realm in Hades 1.

Nemesis is the Goddess of Retribution, and, much like Moros, she appears in person to Melinoë during your Hades 2 runs. It's as yet unclear whether she is an ally or an enemy, although from what she says to Melinoë in the trailer ("About ready to give in?"), it may be that she is a boss-like adversary akin to Megaera or Theseus from the original game.

Dora is an Underworld shade who is seen speaking to Melinoë during the trailer. She first appears in menacing form with the line "You trifle with powers far beyond your comprehension, witch" before reverting to her more normal adorable form, adding "...OK if I call you witch like that?". It's not clear yet what role she plays, but judging from the trailer it seems likely she'll be one of the characters that hangs around the player's hub or base of operations, much like Achilles in the first game.

Hades 2 gameplay changes

A combat scene from Hades 2 shows Melinoë battling several undead enemies as more approach, against a vivid purple background of dead trees, spectral onlookers, and an ominously oozing green river.

Hades looks to expand upon the original game mostly in terms of the combat. According to the FAQ, the game will feature "new locations, challenges, upgrade systems, and surprises". We can see an awful lot of new enemy types in the trailer, alongside a host of attacks and powers never seen before in Hades 1.

Whether these attacks stem from new weapons or are simply new innate powers wielded by Melinoë (like "Cast" from the first game), we don't yet know. But from a snippet of Boon options in the trailer (pictured below), we can see reference to a new resource called "Magick". So it might be that Melinoë has access to a pool of Magick which is expended in order to cast powerful spells.

But the core loop looks like it will be very familiar to fans of the original game. You'll fight your way through interconnected rooms of the Underworld, conversing with characters and accepting powerful boons from the Olympians. It'll be a grand old time fighting Granddad Time.

Three choices of Boons offered to Princess Melinoë in Hades 2 by Apollo, the God of Light.

Will Hades 2 be multiplayer?

Hades 2 will not be multiplayer, Supergiant have confirmed. Just as with Hades 1, the focus is exclusively on single player, and while they've been careful never to say never, I wouldn't bet on us seeing a multiplayer component to Hades 2 either for its Early Access release or its full release. Fighting Chronos is a lonely task sometimes. But at least the Olympians and your mentor Hecate are there to offer assistance.

That's everything we have on Supergiant's upcoming sequel to their wildly successful and stylish story-driven roguelite. If you're looking to give the original Hades a whirl while you wait for more news, check out our Hades tips and tricks guide, or our detailed walkthrough on the different Hades romance options. If you're looking for more Hades 2 content, then find out why it's one of our most anticipated PC games in 2024 and why the game's reveal trailer shows Hades is just the worst dad.

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