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Hades 2 is real and has instantly set the bar for upcoming roguelikes in 2023

A big surprise from The Game Awards

Supergiant's Hades is getting a sequel. Not a DLC, a full-blown sequel, and wow does it look cool. Announced during tonight's Game Awards, this sequel to 2020's bestest best game breaks from the story of Zagreus to instead follow Hades' ruthless daughter Melinoe. It's Supergiant so of course we get a gorgeous animated trailer for it, too, which you can watch below.

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Supergiant isn't one for sequels which was why this is such a surprise. Hades 2 will stay firmly in the Underworld of Greek myth and will follow the same structure as its predecessor. You'll receive boons from fully voice-acted Gods (new and old Supergiant says, so look out for some familiar faces) and fight your way through monster-filled dungeons.

There are no major story details yet, but from the trailer, it looks like the princess of the Underworld has a major chip on her shoulder, probably because of her father's current imprisonment, and so sets off to put an end to Kronos and presumably free her old man.

Supergiant will be following the same development plan as they did with the original Hades, meaning the game will be in early access and that the studio will be looking for player feedback through key development phases. No word on when that'll be yet, but let's hope it's soon. Hades 2 is set to release on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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