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Modern Warfare 3 campaign mission list and length

All MW3 missions and their rewards detailed

Captain Price under a red light in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3.
Image credit: Activision

How long is the Modern Warfare 3 campaign? This year's Call Of Duty campaign sets itself apart from the rest with the introduction of "open combat" missions, reminiscent of PvE encounters in Warzone's DMZ mode. The Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 campaign is split into 14 missions in total, and 6 of them are open combat, meaning you are let loose in an open map, free to complete the mission however you like.

If you're not sure how far into the campaign you are, or you're wondering how long it might take you to complete every mission, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll walk you through the full Modern Warfare 3 campaign mission list, along with the rewards for completing each mission and how long it'll take you to beat the entire campaign.

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Modern Warfare 3 mission list

There are 14 missions in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign. Here's the full MW3 mission list, along with the rewards you gain in multiplayer for completing each mission:

Mission Name Mission Type Operator Completion Reward
Operation 627 Linear Alpha 2-1 Breather Calling Card
Precious Cargo Open Combat Farah 30 mins Player XP Token
30 mins Weapon XP Token
Reactor Open Combat Price Corso Operator
Payload Linear Price Ghillie Guy Calling Card
Deep Cover Linear Laswell 30 mins XP Token
30 mins Weapon XP Token
Passenger Linear Samara None
Crash Site Open Combat Farah Pathfinder Operator
Flashpoint Linear Soap Toxic Drip Calling Card
Oligarch Open Combat Soap 1 hour Player XP Token
1 hour Weapon XP Token
Highrise Open Combat Gaz Doc Operator
Frozen Tundra Linear Price Skull Rhapsody Calling Card
Gora Dam Open Combat Ghost 1 hour Player XP Token
1 hour Weapon XP Token
Danger Close Linear Shadow Company Jabber Operator
Trojan Horse Linear Soap / Price Soapy Emblem
Brogue Weapon Blueprint

Each time you complete a mission for the first time - even on the easiest difficulty level - you'll unlock the rewards for that mission, which can be used in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer modes such as Cutthroat. The rewards are largely cosmetic, although you do also get access to XP bonuses, and completing the final MW3 mission gets you the Brogue weapon blueprint for use in multiplayer.

If you want help finding all the hidden weapon and item locations in any of the open combat missions, simply click on the mission name in the above table to go to our dedicated walkthrough guide on that mission.

How long is the Modern Warfare 3 campaign?

The Modern Warfare 3 campaign will take you between 3-5 hours to complete on the standard difficulty. However, the amount of time you take on the 6 open combat missions can vary drastically depending on your playstyle and whether you want to find all the weapon and item locations hidden in each level.

Overall it's a rather short campaign by Call Of Duty standards, and none of the missions are particularly difficult either, so you shouldn't have too much trouble beating the campaign over the course of a weekend.

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