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Get HP's Victus 15 gaming laptop for £850 after a £350 price cut

A good price for a model with RTX 4060 graphics, Core i5 12500H and 16GB DDR5.

hp victus gaming laptop
Image credit: HP/Rock Paper Shotgun

As part of Currys' early Black Friday deals in the UK, you can now pick up an HP Victus gaming laptop with an RTX 4060 for £849. That's a solid value for a spec that also includes a 12th-gen Core i5 processor, 16GB of DDR5 RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD and 15.6-inch 1080p 144Hz IPS display. This particular model used to go for £1200, making it a nice £350 reduction.

The Victus 15 is the cheapest RTX 4060 laptop that we've seen from HP - and in fact the cheapest 4060 machine we've ever written about. The biggest advantage here is that you're getting both DLSS 2 image reconstruction and DLSS 3 frame generation, two quite different techniques that both improve visual smoothness and can make a huge difference to how games feel to play. Of course, having the higher-quality denoiser of DLSS 3.5 ray reconstruction and generally strong RT performance is also nice in case you want to check out AAA games that feature the technology. DLSS 3 and 3.5 are both exclusive to RTX 40-series GPUs, making the Victus 15 a smarter pickup than an older gaming laptop with an RTX 30-series alternative.

The other specs look solid too, with 16GB of RAM still proving sufficient for modern games and a 512GB NVMe SSD being easily expanded with external storage (it's not clear whether the laptop offers a second slot for internal expansion). The screen isn't as pretty as others that we've seen around the £1000 mark, with relatively low colour gamut volumes suggesting a lower-tier display that should offer good viewing angles and decent pixel response times but not the sort of brightness, contrast or high refresh rates that would really blow you away.

This looks like a solid option around the £850 mark, with most RTX 4060 competitors found for £900 or more, so do take a look and consider it for yourself!

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