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This QD-OLED ultrawide Alienware gaming monitor is down to £739 at Dell UK

The cheapest we've seen the AW3423DWF, a 34-inch beauty.

dell alienware aw3423dwf ultrawide oled gaming monitor shown front and back with a gradient background
Image credit: Dell/Rock Paper Shotgun

As regular readers of this column will know, I'm a big fan of OLED TVs and monitors. One of my favourites is Dell's Alienware AW3423DWF, a 34-inch ultrawide that offers a fairly standard 3440x1440 165Hz spec - but its QD-OLED panel makes for a night-and-day difference against your standard VA and IPS panel alternatives, with perfect contrast, near-instant pixel response times, gorgeous colour reproduction and stunning HDR.

It normally retails for around £929, but today it's down to £739 when you use the code GROUPON8 at Dell UK. That's about as cheap as we've ever seen it, and well worth it for anyone that wants a monitor primarily for gaming rather than content creation or mixed purposes.

The reason I recommend the AW3423DWF for gaming is that it delivers a magnificant image that works in a wide range of games, with a fast enough refresh rate to suit competitive play along with the colours, viewing angles and clarity that enhances more cinematic single-player titles.

It's a little less good for stuff like Photoshop, essays or surfing the web, as it comes with a non-standard subpixel arrangement not handled nicely by Mac or Windows, causing some colour fringing to be evident on text, plus there's the spectre of burn-in. You shouldn't encounter this in normal useage, given the number of safeguards in place, but if you keep the same application on-screen for mutiple hours every day then this becomes more likely, making an IPS panel a better choice given its also-good colour reproduction and lower burn-in risk.

All in all, this is a fantastic monitor that's well worth reading some reviews about, and returning here to click our affiliate link if you're interested enough to give it a go. Thanks for joining us and we'll catch you again next time!

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