May 2018 Archive

    1. Insurgency: Sandstorm to launch on PC this September
    2. Project Zomboid adds vehicles and goes the extra mile
    3. Norse-themed puzzle-adventure Atone looks very sharp
    4. I played that ancient game everyone always talks about
    5. Shadow of War's captain Baranor stands out by fitting in
    6. SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics gets a VR overhaul
    7. [Confirmed] Assassin's Creed Odyssey revealed by promo tat
    8. Bus Simulator 18's co-op multiplayer sounds delightful
    9. Descent's true spiritual successor Overload is out today
    10. Roccat's Titan switches suggest new mechanical keyboards are on the way
    11. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 adds mod support, more hats
    12. Total Warhammer 2 unleashes Norsca horde & new DLC
    13. Just Cause & Rage 2 devs Avalanche bought out by the world's oldest movie company
    14. Corsair HS70 Wireless review: My new favourite wireless gaming headset
    15. Wot I Think: Cultist Simulator
    16. Ace VR stealth 'em up Budget Cuts budged back again
    17. Tekken to the catwalk: judging the new birthday outfits
    18. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds adding Sanhok in June
    19. Overlordy: Turn 20
    20. Hearthstone: Gone Fishin' tips and deck building advice
    1. Quiet & stylish point-and-click puzzler Golem is out now
    2. Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock has earned a second look
    3. Wot I Think: Laser League
    4. Humble's Arma 2018 Bundle offers military sim for cheap
    5. Raft's early access is a solid and splendid survival sim
    6. LEGO DC Super-Villains turns baddies good
    7. BenQ EW277HDR review: A fantastic budget HDR monitor
    8. Video: Beware is Silent Hill meets Mad Max
    9. All pilots, suit up for the stunning Project Wingman demo
    10. Team Sonic Racing coming from Sonic & All-Stars devs
    11. Bethesda's Fallout 76 takes you home to the place you belong
    12. Fortnite Battle Royale adds rideable shopping trolleys
    13. Parp parp! GTA Online adds a splendidly shonky Lada
    14. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is a treasure trove of trivia
    15. HP Omen 15 gets Intel Optane Memory refresh, plus new ear-cooling headset, mice and keyboard peripherals
    16. Feel the gentle touch of tentacles in new The Sinking City footage
    17. Rocket League rocks up to the beach with Salty Shores
    18. Mega Man 11 blasting into October
    19. Spiderweb Software launch Kickstarter for new series, Queen's Wish
    20. Overlordy: Turn 19
    1. Mystical mercantile mashup Moonlighter hits stores
    2. Premature Evaluation: Worlds Adrift
    3. Sea Of Thieves' Hungering Deep bares its teeth today
    4. Video: Is House Flipper dirtier than my real house?
    5. Fractured Lands puts an apocalyptic spin on battle royale
    6. "We accommodate for every stupid thing that you wanna do" - how Disco Elysium makes detective games work
    7. PUBG Corp to sue Epic Games over Fortnite similarities
    8. Europa Universalis IV waging war in another real castle when Grandest LAN Party returns
    9. Acer's Predator hardware brand has a comicbook origin story so awful that it's amazing
    10. Bethesda teasing Fallout announcement as E3 nears
    11. EVE Online's new expansion warps to Abyssal Deadspace
    12. Spintires: MudRunner churns up new map, new mode
    13. Steam Charts: A New Hope Edition
    14. Roguelikelike FPS Bunker Punks busts out
    15. League Of Legends Clash? More like LoL Crash!!!
    16. Cougar's Panzer EVO RGB goes mad on LEDs this June
    17. Surviving Mars 'Curiosity' update teaches old domes new tricks
    18. Overlordy: Turn 18
    1. Play a messy brain in The Quiet Sleep
    2. Why are people still playing APB Reloaded?
    3. Overlordy: Turn 17
    1. Brock Paper Shotgun: SWAT 2 and real-time terrorist motivations
    2. Seattle begins to recover in ambitious Fallout mod Cascadia
    3. Someday You'll Return brings us back to Silent Hill kinda
    4. World War Z has an overwhelming gameplay trailer
    5. Killer7 remaster brings multiple personality murder to PC
    6. The Sunday Papers
    7. Overlordy: Turn 16
    1. Plans for Plunkbat include planning for more plans
    2. Explore a technicolor forest in Shape of the World demo
    3. Horror survival driving game Beware drifts into a demo
    4. Video Game History Foundation explores early names for "video games"
    5. The Wolf Among Us 2 will not be among us until 2019
    6. Free games of the week
    7. What are we all playing this weekend?
    8. Overlordy: Turn 15
    1. Cute platformer The Forestale is secretly... Doom, kinda?
    2. Pillars of Eternity II's free sidekick brings her own booze
    3. A ridiculous list of superhero TV shows - Part 1: DC
    4. Wot I Think: Unforeseen Incidents
    5. Wot I Think - The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset
    6. Yume Nikki's version 2.0 update takes the dream deeper
    7. The Overwatch League must take burnout seriously
    8. Roof Rage puts Smash, Samurai Gunn and martial arts movies in a blender
    9. Wot I Think - Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time
    10. Fortnite Battle Royale mulls permanent big-squad mode
    11. Age of Wonders: Planetfall makes a great case for leaving fantasy behind
    12. The Sims 4 Seasons blasts Simlish Steal My Sunshine
    13. Asus PG27UQ release date confirmed for June, but the price of this 4K G-Sync HDR monitor is still unknown
    14. Clickuorice Allsorts: burnout in the Overwatch League
    15. The Foxer
    16. The Flare Path: No Respite
    17. Adeptus Titanicus cross-pollinates 40K and BattleTech
    18. Dauntless invites everyone to slay some poor animals in its open beta
    19. Mirage: Arcane Warfare pulled from sale due to GDPR
    20. Apple reject iOS Steam Link app
    21. Overlordy: Turn 14
    1. Play with perspective in psychedelic puzzler Mirror Drop
    2. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon shines on the PC today
    3. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed turned the mascot racer into serious competition
    4. Steam's Spring Cleaning Event wants you to clear your backlog... Or just try a bunch of new games instead
    5. Far Cry 5 trades up cults for the Viet Cong this June 5th
    6. Confessions of a teenage asset ripper
    7. Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero (Wi-Fi) review: The coolest motherboard around for Ryzen+ (literally)
    8. Synthwave grapple-platformer Rifter lands on PC in July
    9. Wargaming Seattle, aka Gas Powered Games, to close
    10. Podcast: What are the best shooters?
    11. Battlefield V interview: dodging the lootbox question, and why battle royale "would really fit the universe"
    12. Oi! Cities: Skylines launches DLC known as Parklife
    13. Acer's Predator Helios 500 laptop is so huge it needs two people to lift it
    14. Craft ridiculous gunstacks in Mothergunship's demo
    15. A Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia invades Macs
    16. Terry Cavanagh's next game is Dicey Dungeons, and it's delicious
    17. Crossbows and ghillies galore in next Playerunknown's Battlegrounds event mode
    18. Dark Souls: Remastered is out now – and it's already got an infamous hacker
    19. Sea of Thieves's first big update washes ashore next week
    20. Overlordy: Turn 13
    1. Acer introduce new family of Nitro gaming monitors that (hopefully) won't break the bank
    2. Co-op/Versus shooter Raiders of the Broken Planet is free to grab (and keep forever) for the next two days
    3. Hands on with Acer's new Predator Cestus 510 mouse and Aethon 500 keyboard
    4. My boy is being surly and I don’t like it
    5. Battlefield V is about making friends, building forts and daily chores
    6. Why it feels great to hit things in Vermintide 2
    7. Battlefield V is coming October 19th, see first trailer here
    8. Tekken 7 celebrates a year of fisticuffs with fancy dress
    9. Imperator: Rome has a world ripe for conquest
    10. Raft paddles into Steam Early Access, adds multiplayer
    11. RuneScape Classic closing down after 17 years online
    12. Double Fine decide to have Kids
    13. A Frostpunk diary of certain doom, finale: democracy is death
    14. Euro Truck Simulator 2 revamping Germany now, rest of the map later
    15. Turn Skyrim's flora colourful with Dreams Of Hurling Your Entire Face Into A Rose Coloured Plastic Fern
    16. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds tweaks directional bangs
    17. Wot I Think: The Forest
    18. Stardew Valley multiplayer mods allow many more pals
    19. Fortnite Battle Royale takes to the skies with jetpacks
    20. Overlordy: Turn 12
    1. Arez in or Arez out? Asus clarify AMD graphics card brand mix-up
    2. Runner3 hops, skips, jumps and launches to the beat
    3. Quarantine Circular is the surprise sequel to Subsurface Circular, and it's out right now
    4. Overwatch celebrates its 2nd anniversary with goodies
    5. Battlefield 1 & 4 serve up free Russian winter DLC today
    6. Rocket League kicks off at Salty Shores next week
    7. Unreal is free to celebrate its 20th birthday
    8. Space Hulk: Deathwing Enhanced Edition is out now
    9. State Of Decay 2 tweaks: FoV, mouse smoothing + more
    10. Captain Forever Trilogy pilots its way out
    11. Stellaris blasts off to Distant Stars in new DLC
    12. Unworthy is a minimalist monochrome Dark Souls
    13. Wot I Think: State of Decay 2
    14. Earthfall's L4D-ish alien-blasting action arrives July 13
    15. Overlordy: Turn 11
    16. The new Razer Blade (2018) is primed and ready for on-the-go Final Fantasy XV
    1. Omnibion War brings Star Fox style shooting back to PC
    2. Aching for a Zachlike? Prime Mover may have you sorted
    3. An art gallery MMO - we spoke to the creators of Occupy White Walls about the AI that guesses which art you like
    4. Fans still polishing up GTA 3, Vice City & San Andreas
    5. Video: 10 State of Decay 2 tips to stay alive
    6. WD Black 3D NVMe SSD review: Bringing the fight to the Samsung 970 Evo (sort of)
    7. The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is out, definitely isn't set in the West Country
    8. Go fully freelance with this BattleTech map unlock mod
    9. Battlefield V wants you to shut up, or touch its mouth?
    10. Steam Charts: Flipping Great Edition
    11. Heartbreak High looks like the break-up simulator for me
    12. Jazztronauts ram-raids Garry's Mod to steal trash
    13. A week in the life of a State of Decay 2 survivor
    14. Tencent grab majority stake in Path Of Exile devs
    15. In the heat of the night: see Overwatch's Petra
    16. Overlordy: Turn 10
    1. Rainbow Six Siege does all the big reveals for Para Bellum
    2. Aye Fair Lady is a free musical adventure from Yorkshire Gubbins dev
    3. What the hell is Steam doing with VNs right now?
    4. Quake Champions adds battle bots and more specific gore
    5. Order changing for Framed collection changes the order
    6. The Sunday Papers
    7. Overlordy: Turn 9
    1. Hearts of Iron IV dips a toe in the ocean with Man the Guns
    2. Holy Fury will expand Crusader Kings II
    3. Paradox announce new grand strategy Imperator: Rome
    4. Age of Wonders: Planetfall takes the wonder to the stars
    5. Secret patch updates Prey with REM lyrics as achievements
    6. Free games of the week
    7. What are we all playing this weekend?
    8. Overlordy: Turn 8
    1. Valve threatening removal of visual novels with 'adult content', some authorised years ago say MangaGamer
    2. The making of Minit: how constraints led to an indie gem
    3. RTS-inspired deckbuilder Prismata goes free-to-play(ish) for the weekend
    4. Video: Watch us kill zombies (and a few survivors) in State of Decay 2 co-op
    5. To The Moon becoming an animated movie
    6. Sky-sailing MMO Worlds Adrift sets course for Steam
    7. MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC review: Easy overclocking for Ryzen+
    8. Green Hell's debut footage reminds me why I stay inside
    9. We've all been there
    10. Old World Blues translates Fallout to grand strategy
    11. You can play Torment: Tides of Numenera for free until Sunday
    12. Feed, chase, and pet fat pigeons in this cute free game
    13. Ubisoft delay pirate 'em up Skull & Bones
    14. The Foxer
    15. No Man's Sky adding multiplayer in July
    16. The Crew 2 closed beta revs up at the end of the month
    17. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds declares War Mode again
    18. Overlordy: Turn 7
    1. Rainbow Six: Siege is free to try & on sale this weekend
    2. Conquer the galaxy, gratis - Galactic Civilizations 2 free
    3. Down for the count: Red Embrace review
    4. Valve's local streaming Steam Link app hits Android & iOS
    5. Handyman 'em up House Flipper released
    6. Steampunk sailing adventure Far: Lone Sails is out now
    7. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has battle royale, no campaign
    8. Wot I Think: The Thin Silence
    9. Podcast: What character do you always end up creating?
    10. Chrono Trigger's PC port improves, one step at a time
    11. Playstyle Royale: You can only build
    12. Google temporarily undo game-busting Chrome change
    13. It's elf vs. elf in Total War: Warhammer II's next DLC
    14. GTA V's Online updates to continue as sales near 100m
    15. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 gets a big 'ol optimisation overhaul and squashes many bugs
    16. State of Decay 2 is an overly familiar cart full of zombies
    17. Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller is coming to Windows 10 PCs later this year
    18. RPS Asks: you to please take our 2018 readership survey
    19. Fortnite v4.2 update adds apples, Recombobulators and new Burst Assault Rifles
    20. Overlordy: Turn 6
    1. Has Dying Light been improved by its updates?
    2. Nvidia's G-Sync HDR monitors are the real deal and will be here in just four weeks time
    3. Intel accidentally leak Z390 Coffee Lake chipset
    4. Video: Yoku’s Island Express is a bit Metroid, a bit pinball and a bit good
    5. B.J. Blazkowicz and the need for more diverse Jewish characters
    6. Shenmue III won't be released in 2018, but you knew that already
    7. Sea of Thieves' private crew update isn't ship-shape yet
    8. Wot I Think: MachiaVillain
    9. League of Legends' Clash tournaments are everything I'd like Dota's Battle Cups to be
    10. Cliff Bleszinski shows three games that could have been
    11. Horizon Chase Turbo is bringing Amiga-style racing back
    12. Star Wars: Battlefront 2's Solo Season kicks off today
    13. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 is in development, but not due until 2021
    14. Overlordy: Turn 5
    1. Cinematic animated adventure Forgotton Anne out now
    2. Premature Evaluation: Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator
    3. SteamVR Input aims to unify the fractured new frontier
    4. BenQ's EX3203R monitor joins AMD's FreeSync 2 HDR ranks
    5. Wot I Think: Wizard Of Legend
    6. Divinity: Original Sin 2's Definitive encore happens this August
    7. Bizarre blocky brawler Spartan Fist busts out today
    8. Asus ROG Strix Flare review: A tasteful take on RGB
    9. Time-bending action-adventure Omensight is out today, and today, and today
    10. The Curious Expedition demo ventures forth
    11. Undertale's fan-game scene is alive, well, and has produced a full-length Team Fortress 2 crossover
    12. Rage 2 gameplay trailer explodes out
    13. F1 2018 racing out in August
    14. Bigben buying Styx & Blood Bowl devs Cyanide Studio
    15. Phoenix Point delayed until summer next year
    16. League of Legends next hero is a vengeful ghostpirate
    17. Overlordy: Turn 4
    1. Unknown Pleasures: Another Five Great Indie Games
    2. Radical Heights & LawBreakers studio Boss Key shuts down
    3. How Artifact connects to Dota 2's story
    4. Euro & American Truck Sim's roads get even more open
    5. A Frostpunk diary of certain doom, part 4: fighting back
    6. Fortnite's Infinity War is a little more finite than expected
    7. Wot I Think: Monster Prom
    8. The right kind of boredom
    9. Turtle Beach credit battle royale for selling headsets
    10. Dogfight a giant space-worm in the Solar Warden demo
    11. Overwatch will celebrate its birthday with a new map, mode and cosmetics
    12. Rage 2 announced with blast of colours
    13. Steam Charts: surviving eternity
    14. Subserial Network is a realm where rebellious robots revel in rubbish websites
    15. SUPERHOT visiting Japan in new spin-off
    16. Overlordy: Turn 3
    1. Woodsy is more than you'd expect from a mashup of spooky and woods
    2. Destiny 2's real life loot drop reveals Warmind secrets
    3. Video: How does Two Point Hospital compare to Theme Hospital?
    4. Leaked video reveals details of Overwatch Anniversary Event
    5. Crows Crows Crows update Twine title The Temple of No
    6. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon will be out this month
    7. The Sunday Papers
    8. Catholic guilt simulator Gray Dawn rises in June
    9. Overlordy: Turn 2
    10. Compound is a free retro VR shooter with tremendous potential
    1. How to HDify Silent Hill the wrong/right ways
    2. Catch a glimpse of Rainbow Six: Siege's new Villa map
    3. Floating simulator Tacoma adds developer commentary
    4. A Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia details post-launch revisions
    5. Fortnite: Battle Royale's 50v50 event mode is back
    6. Free games of the week
    7. What are we all playing this weekend?
    8. Overlordy: Turn 1
    1. Time-looping hack n' slasher Stories: The Path of Destinies is free today
    2. The ARVN join Rising Storm 2: Vietnam's jungle rumble
    3. BAFTA's Young Game Designers suggest a bright future for games
    4. La-Mulana 2 unravels mankind's lost history this summer
    5. Hunt: Showdown fights camping in first major update
    6. Asus ROG Strix X470F-Gaming review: A good foundation for Ryzen+
    7. American Truck Simulator teases the sights, truckstops and random stretches of tarmac of Oregon
    8. Final Fantasy XIV's Under The Moonlight patch due soon
    9. A Frostpunk diary of certain doom, part 3: small mercies
    10. Slay The Spire brews up new potions
    11. Little Orbit are now in charge of APB Reloaded, and they've got big plans
    12. Dead Cells feasts upon 'Baguette' update
    13. The Foxer
    14. Communal Combat Mission COs required
    15. Rocket League adds cross-platform parties this summer
    16. Video: 8 toasty tactics I wish I’d known before starting Frostpunk
    1. RPG Maker spinoff Pixel Game Maker MV headed west
    2. Path of Exile's Incursion league is where it's ziggurat
    3. Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock getting a major expansion
    4. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds starts lobbing apples around Sanhok tonight
    5. What Works And Why: Mentoring in Far Cry 5
    6. Rafting adventure The Flame in the Flood is free today
    7. Wild West Online launches onto the dusty trails today
    8. The rise and fall of Super Monday Night Combat helped make me better
    9. Time to get ready for the... 3GB Nvidia GTX 1050?
    10. Podcast: What do we play with our kids?
    11. Unbound: Isaac joins fighting game Blade Strangers
    12. The RPS Verdict: Frostpunk
    13. Hand Of Fate 2 gets gobby
    14. Watch 10 mins of Risk Of Rain 2, oddly set in a desert
    15. Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee is free right now on Steam
    16. Civilization 6 launches spring update today
    17. Darkest Dungeon gets Lovecraftier with DLC in June
    1. Iron Danger puts a time-bending spin on RPG tactics
    2. Free Steam Link app for Android & iOS makes your Steam library mobile
    3. How to take SpyParty from a 1000-hour to a 5000-hour game
    4. Stylish brawler Assault Spy sneaks into early access
    5. Theme Hospital successor Two Point Hospital is very much 1997 wearing 2018's clothes
    6. Interview: Campo Santo talk to us about moving to Valve
    7. Atomic Heart teases a wild Soviet super-science ride
    8. AMD Ryzen 7 2700 / 2700X review: A tense showdown with Intel's Coffee Lake Core i7s
    9. Star Trek: Bridge Crew warping to The Next Generation
    10. A cracking game of Dota I had last night
    11. Nvidia's GTX Founders Edition graphics cards are back in stock at proper prices
    12. PES 2019 kicks off in August
    13. Jeff Freezos: a Frostpunk diary of careless cruelty, part 2
    14. Star Wars Battlefront 2 visiting Jabba's Palace in Han Solo Season
    15. Visual novel Steins;Gate 0 launches into the bad timeline
    16. Shadow of War expansion Desolation of Mordor out now
    17. Study suggests Steam reviewers are bothered more by bad game design than bugs
    18. Loadout shutting down this month ahead of GDPR
    19. Overwatch doctor Mercy goes pink for charity
    20. Conan Exiles slashes out of early access
    21. Dota 2's International 2018 Battle Pass includes a battle royale-ish mode
    1. Free-to-play Overwatch-alike Paladins launches today
    2. Grand Theft Auto Online gives away money for nothing
    3. Chrome's autoplay update fractures web-game history
    4. Premature Evaluation: Maelstrom
    5. Fnatic Clutch 2 review: The right-handed version of the (still right-handed) Flick 2
    6. Artifact feels like Valve's solution to post-Hearthstone card games
    7. Pinball Arcade facing a licensing-induced tablepocalypse
    8. Review In Progress: Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire
    9. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds new map now named Sanhok, back in testing this week
    10. Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 mysteriously delisted from Steam & GOG
    11. Being a fan of esports' pioneering women is complicated
    12. Destiny 2: Warmind unleashes frozen Hive on Mars today
    13. Wield the Infinity Gauntlet's power in Fortnite's Avengers crossover event
    14. Steam Charts: surviving the Frostpunk bots of Britannia
    15. Roulette Knight is RPG meets Russian roulette
    16. Rainbow Six Siege prepares for Operation Para Bellum
    17. AMD's Ryzen CPUs fight back in Steam's April hardware survey
    18. It's the final day to buy Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition
    1. Jeff Freezos: a diary of Frostpunk doom, part 1
    1. Radical Heights adds J.A.N.U.S. enemy locator in new update
    2. Plunkbat servers crash in first 24 hours of 50 player deathmatch
    3. Stop a 70s serial killer in Dead Secret Circle
    4. Republic Commando is on sale and better than you remember
    5. Hand-pencilled horror tittle Mundaun to release fall 2018
    6. The Sunday Papers
    1. Humble Monthly's early unlock game is Destiny 2
    2. Get rewarded for the Plunkbat weapon balance survey
    3. The Good Life from Swery has a story trailer
    4. Free games of the week
    5. They Are Billions adds The Six Wonders
    6. DOS Boot: Ascendancy had brilliant worlds and a dunce of an AI
    7. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Build a kingdom in the sky in puzzle/sim blend Volantia
    2. Swashbuckling action-roguelike City of Brass is out now
    3. Everything is going to be OK expands, feels less OK
    4. The true meaning of BattleTech is interstellar giant robot amputation Pokemon
    5. Fnatic Flick 2 review: DPI on the X and Y
    6. Combat, failure and raising the stakes in Disco Elysium
    7. Utomik promises ‘Netflix for games’ but its library is an underwhelming collection of oldies
    8. Midair soars out of early access, becoming F2P
    9. Nvidia release hotfix driver for GTX 1060 boot loop woes
    10. I can't wait to build spaceships again in Captain Forever Trilogy
    11. Rusty Lake Paradox is a movie/game crossover, seeking funds
    12. The Foxer
    13. The Flare Path: Heavily Engauged
    14. Dead In Vinland demo offers a week of Viking survival
    15. Free trial weekends for XCOM 2, Offworld Trading Company, CoD WW2 & For Honor
    1. Escort the payload through Venice in Overwatch's Rialto
    2. Our first peek at Beyond Good & Evil 2's sky-pirate swashbucklery
    3. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is going to War (mode, again)
    4. Star Traders: Frontiers is the best space game I've played in ages
    5. Witchy woods, drifting crystals, and alien sunrises in Connor Sherlock's new collection
    6. Rust's Compound patch makes its apocalypse a bit nicer
    7. Podcast: Feeling the cold with Frostpunk
    8. Spawn Point: a guide to collectible card games
    9. Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation leaves early access
    10. AMD Ryzen 5 2600 / 2600X review: The Intel Core-i5 Coffee Lake killers
    11. Meet the boys of Shadow Of War's Desolation Of Mordor
    12. Creature-feature mansion sim MachiaVillain is out soon
    13. What I learnt from Dota 2 pro Purge about the game and those who play it
    14. Battlerite adding battle royale mode, right?
    15. Disgaea 5 Complete delayed days before launch
    16. What makes improvement feel satisfying?
    17. BattleTech update 1 will bring speed-up options, more customisation and UI improvement
    18. Hearthstone: How to beat Lord Godfrey (Monster Hunt)
    19. Hearthstone: How to beat Hagatha the Witch (Monster Hunt)
    20. A Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia out now
    21. Intel's Kaby Lake X CPUs are getting discontinued
    22. Hearthstone: How to beat Glinda Crowskin (Monster Hunt)
    23. Hearthstone: How to beat Captain Shivers (Monster Hunt)
    24. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds adds map select tonight
    1. Steam Input adds native Switch Pro Controller support
    2. Has The Signal from Tölva been improved by its updates?
    3. Super Mega Baseball 2 is out & swinging for the fences
    4. Premature Evaluation: It Lurks Below
    5. Rhythm puzzle revival Lumines Remastered slips to June
    6. These easy, player-made speed fixes are BattleTech's redemption
    7. Change hurts so good in Tales of Maj'Eyal's coming DLC
    8. Stardew Valley's multiplayer might be the perfect hang out game
    9. Star Trek Episode 1: Racer rereleased on PC
    10. Fnatic Streak / miniStreak review: Gettin' skinny with it
    11. I had to slaughter far too many wolves to try out Far Cry 5's new shovel launcher
    12. Paladins officially launches next week
    13. Battle For Wesnoth hits Steam with new campaign
    14. Fortnite Battle Royale v4.0 has pleasingly silly secrets
    15. Monster Hunt guide: Bosses, Treasures and Rewards (Witchwood)
    16. Brigitte arrives in competitive Overwatch
    17. Hearthstone: Houndmaster guide - Best cards, treasures and equipment (Monster Hunt)
    18. Hearthstone: Time-Tinker guide - Best cards, treasures and equipment (Monster Hunt)
    1. Video: State of Decay 2 goes for the jugular and jugglers
    2. Wipeout meets Splatoon in weird sci-fi racer Trailblazers
    3. Artifact pairs the best ideas of Dota with the best parts of card games
    4. Battlefield 1's They Shall Not Pass DLC is free today
    5. Clean a giant gross monster foot in Ashi Wash
    6. Battlezone's free Gold Edition update makes VR headsets optional
    7. Into The Breach patch fixes false victories, adds initial touchscreen support
    8. VR rhythm game Beat Saber swishes into early access
    9. ‘We’re trying to understand that the market has changed’ - Radical Heights dev on the lesson of LawBreakers
    10. Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia now pre-loading
    11. Meet Matthew Castle, our new video person
    12. Super Monday Night Combat shutting down due to GDPR
    13. Fortnite Battle Royale's comet hits, starting season 4
    14. Wot I Think - Flash Point: Fire Rescue
    15. Isaac: Afterbirth+ unwraps new character in final Booster