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Humble Monthly's early unlock game is Destiny 2

Get a big game for next to nothing

Hey fellow Space Wizards. Are you one of those folks still yet to acquire Destiny 2? Well, Humble Bundle has you covered. If you're a part of Humble's monthly subscription service, which is $12/£9 recurring, you get 7-9 games every month, plus a big promotional thing every once in a while. This month, being a member unlocks the Big Space Game and unlocks it right now. Destiny 2 is still selling at full retail price of $60/£Whatever in most places. Even as an avid non-Destiny dude, this is the kind of thing I have a hard time passing up.

Oh. I just signed up for it. Well, so much for restraint.

Humble Bundle isn't the kind of thing I need to bumble through. You all know what it is and why it's cool and how you can get books and games and other cool stuff through the service. I also know that Destiny isn't everyone's favorite thing, but I'm kinda excited to give it a couple hours of my time based on this entry price point, and the pressure of my die-hard Destiny friends.

You can join me in engaging in interplanetary warfare by going to Humble Bundle and signing up for the subscription. As someone with a forthcoming Boss Fight Books book, there's a better than non-zero chance that this will get you my blood, sweat, and tears at some point for less than market rate. And, you know, a hundred other cool games between now and then.

Destiny 2's next expansion is out in three days. Now might be the right time to get in on all that. Check out the Warmind trailer below:

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