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Battlefield V wants you to shut up, or touch its mouth?

Either way, it's looking like a World War again

With the glitz and glamour of Eurovision fading into memory, it's almost time for That Other E Event, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. E3's marketing blitz seems to begin earlier each year, and I've a sneaking suspicion I'm already in it but haven't fully realised yet, and now here come Electronic Arts teasing the formal announcement of Battlefield V. Coming ahead of a big livestreamed event on Wednesday, the wee teaser video shows a steampunk gesturing for us to shut up. Or maybe inviting us to put our fingers in his mouth? I'm not quite sure. At the very least, it lends credence to rumours that developers Dice are taking the series back to World War 2 with this year's game.

Battlefield's Twitter account tweeted this lippy fella this afternoon:

Look closely and aha!

The two team icons on the multiplayer scoreboard there appear to be the Union Flag and an Iron Cross-ish doodad, the symbol typically used by video games who don't want to show swastikas. Rumours had suggested that V would take the FPS series back to its World War 2 roots, and this might support that - though the Iron Cross isn't just a WW2 symbol. It does leave World War 1 as a possibility too, following on from 2016's Battlefield 1, but I would be surprised if Dice aren't Twoing it up this time. Sequelised franchises get itchy feet, y'know.

The big reveal livestream is going live at 9pm (1pm Pacific) on Wednesday the 25th. The blurb says it will show us "how the battlefield will never be the same", which is certainly a bold claim. We'll have a roving reporter on the ground to scrutinise that.

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