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Battlefield V wraps up the war effort with a final update this June

Battlefield V-Day

We did it, team. The war's almost over. The lads at Battlefield V HQ have declared that it's time to sign some treaties, shut down the factories, and put an end to this virtual war. Before you start hanging up the red, white and blue bunting, though, there's one last operation to get out of the way - bringing "new content, weapons, and game tweaks" to BFV in one final airdrop this June. That'll keep the fires of war burning for a good while longer, then.

Dice announced their final update for BFV in an announcement earlier this week. The current Chapter, Into The Jungle, will be the game's last, with one last standalone update pegged for a June release. Don't be too shocked if that date shifts around somewhat, though. Like many other developers, Dice claim they're still "tackling the challenges" of remote working during this whole Covid-19 thing.

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Besides those new weapons and tweaks, the devs are keeping tight-lipped on what that final update will bring. However, they're not cutting off comms entirely once that update drops. The team plan on reintroducing weekly events like Friday Night Battlefield and Throwback Thursdays to keep folk entertained. There'll also be weekly currency rewards and the eventual introduction of Community Games Updates.

Senior producer Ryan McArthur also assured those who'll be sticking around that they won't be sunsetting their anti-cheat efforts. This might be the last proper update for BFV, but there's still plenty of war going 'round for those who want it.

After that, it's simply a matter of waiting for the next Battlefield game, isn't it? EA previously hinted we wouldn't see one 'til 2021 at the earliest (via PC Gamer), but then, they also claimed there'd be "new ways to play" BFV well into their 2021 financial year. At this point, who knows what's happening.

But here, Dice. Just a suggestion. You've done WWI, revisited WW2, and spent a good half-decade bogged down in contemporary warfare. How's about bringing back Battlefield 2142, eh?

Nat needs her mechs.

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