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Battlefront 2's final update arrives today, as Dice shift to the next Battlefield

Pack Up Your Troubles

War never changes, but sometimes old wars wind down so we can have a bash at new ones. Dice are waving goodbye to Battlefront 2 with today's final update, letting people duke it out on Scarif - better known as 'that planet from the end of Rogue One'. There are other new bits and pieces, but the big picture news is that Dice are shifting their efforts to the next Battlefield. The end of Battlefield V is nigh too, you see, with one last big update due in June.

What lies over yonder war horizon? We don't exactly know, but we do know something with Battlefield in the name is planned for next year.

First of all, here's your last dose of space fun.

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As well as the new map, you can now play the Hoth, Tatooine, Yavin 4 and Death Star II maps in Supremacy Mode, which is Battlefront 2's name for big scraps over capture points. A couple of those include flyable spaceships, and there's new cosmetic guff, too.

They've also added bots to the co-op mode, so you can now play that on your lonesome if you fancy. All the details are here.

On the Battlefield front, Battlefield V is due one last content update in June. The game's Twitter account confirmed that after that there'll be no new maps, weapons or factions. They do say they'll keep fixing bugs and doing those itsy bitsy weekly missions, though, where you complete challenges to get rewards. In the past those have included new guns, but it sounds like from the rewards will be cosmetic from June onward.

They also mention they're "still tackling the challenges from working from home" thanks to Covid-19, so don't be surprised if the last update winds up arriving later than planned.

The future of the old wars may be clear, but exactly what's in store is hazy. EA have said "the studio is focused on the future of Battlefield that we’ll be bringing to players in 2021", notably avoiding any mention of the number 6.

Do not trust those headlines that include the number 6. This could be Battlefield: Avocado Farmer, for all we know.

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