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Hearthstone: Houndmaster guide - Best cards, treasures and equipment (Monster Hunt)

Everything you need to know about Monster Hunt’s Houndmaster hero in Hearthstone.

Hearthstone’s Monster Hunt mode has now gone live, offering a new variation on the Dungeon Run from the game’s previous expansion, Kobolds and Catacombs.

In a similar vein to Dungeon Run, you’ll face off against brand new bosses, collect powerful new cards and take your pick from a host of incredibly potent trinkets that’ll give your deck an almighty boost for the rest of the run.

Unlike last year’s Dungeon Run mode, you won’t be able to choose from every class. This time we’ll pick from four distinctive heroes which have their own unique hero powers and personalities. It’ll make for a more interesting, fresh PVE experience this time around as we get to know each hero’s strengths and weaknesses.

One of these heroes is entitled the Houndmaster and he brings a lot of cards from the Hunter class, as well as a few from Druid that rely on Beast synergies. In this article we’ll be outlining everything we know so far about this character, and we’ll be updating a number of sections once we’ve had a chance to play the Monster Hunt mode ourselves.

Writing Credit: Thanks goes to James Pickard for all the tips!

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Houndmaster: FAQ

  • The Houndmaster is based on Hearthstone’s Hunter class.
  • The Houndmaster’s hero power is called Dog Whistle. It costs 2 mana and it summons a 1/1 Bloodhound with Rush.
  • The artwork released for the Houndmaster hero shows that we’ll be playing as Houndmaster Shaw in this Monster Hunt mode.

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Houndmaster: Card buckets

Each time you beat one of Monster Hunt’s bosses, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to pick from a selection of card buckets. These are card bundles that share a thematic connection, allowing you to build decks that focus on one or two strong mechanics.


Given the Houndmaster's focus on Hunter and Druid cards, there’s a lot of room for you to build a robust Beast deck that’ll take advantage of cards in your starting list such as Crackling Razormaw and, fittingly, Houndmaster. Pack Mentality and Companions are some of the buckets to look out for here to give you impactful cards including Scavenging Hyena and Call of the Wild.

Exotic Beasts is a bucket that may seem awfully tempting, but many of the choices can be clunky and difficult to fit into a deck with ease. What you definitely want to avoid is Stomp Stomp STOMP, which loves to give you the Jungle Giants Quest. It something you’ll have to commit to the moment you take it and great detriment to the rest of your deck quality. No thanks.


On the other hand, you may be more interested in exploiting the deck’s Deathrattle potential. Divide and Conquer and Unwavering are the buckets to look for here, if so. The former will give you all sorts of powerful creatures that offer additional tokens on death, including Hunter mainstay Savannah Highmane. The latter bucket simply goes deeper into the Deathrattle pool, with powerful cards such as Sylvanas Windrunner and Cairne Bloodhoof.

Whichever direction you choose to go, you should definitely consider at least a pack or two of utility cards to round out your deck. Look for Unload in particular, which can give you strong removal tools like Deadly Shot and some very useful ramp cards such as Wild Growth.

As for what’s left, the Taunt minions found in Thick Hide are reasonable at best, though rarely worth taking over any of the other key sets. Stalking also offers a few cards with unique effects, but, once again, you’re better off going for the cards with a higher base power level.

Houndmaster: Best Treasures

On top of card buckets, you’ll be offered extremely powerful trinkets that’ll give your deck a significant boost.

Here are a few of the best Treasures you'll want to grab for the Houndmaster:

    Princess: If you go heavy on Deathrattle cards, Princess can gain a huge bonus from a trio of those card effects when played.

    Companionship: Boosts the attack power of the Bloodhounds from your hero power by two, which transforms them from rubbish to extremely useful if needed in a pinch.

    Lunar Signet: If your Houndmaster deck contains a lot of Deathrattle minions then this is an easy auto-pick for the extra value.

    Bubba: An excellent card for flooding the board and pairs up wonderfully with Companionship.

    Sic ‘Em: If you invest heavily into late game Beasts then this card can make for a huge tempo swing.

    Safe Harbour: If your deck is lacking hard removal then this is an excellent option that also gives you a free card to play yourself.

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