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Hearthstone gets new Death Knight class in its March Of The Lich King expansion, out December

Undead minions are coming for you too

The malevolent Lich King is returning to Blizzard’s free to play Warcraft-themed CCG Hearthstone again on December 6th, in the March Of The Lich King expansion. The update adds another 145 cards to the game and introduces the new Death Knight class. Cower from the Lich King’s icy wrath while you watch the trailer below.

The Lich King is coming for Hearthstone, and he's bringing along Death Knights and Undead minions.Watch on YouTube

Death Knights are a new class for Hearthstone arriving with March Of The Lich King in December, but they’re sticking around permanently. A Death Knight’s ghoul charge ability lets them command the undead. By spending two mana, you can summon a ghoul with the charge that dies at the end of the turn. Whenever one of your deceased minions becomes deceased again you’ll gain a corpse – delightful – that can be spent to power up other cards. Death Knights are powered by the Blood, Frost, and Unholy runes. There’s detailed info on the Death Knight class here.

Speaking of ghouls, the March Of The Lich King introduces a new minion type too. Undead are the walking weapons of the Lich King, and these cards will be either neutral or in classes that align with the King himself. A lot of the expansion's cards trigger bonus effects if one of your minions dies, either on your current turn, on the last one of your opponent. There’s also dual-type minions, which keeps an aspect of what they were before they copped it and joined the Lich King’s army. For more details about everything else coming to the March Of Lich King expansion, head to the Hearthstone website.

The March Of The Lich King expansion invades Hearthstone on December 6th. The game is a free download from

Activision Blizzard publish Hearthstone and they're still facing law suits alleging a workplace culture of sexual harassment and discrimination. Microsoft also intend to buy Activision Blizzard, although the deal is currently under investigation by UK regulators over competition concerns.

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