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United In Stormwind release date: everything you need to know

Fly like the (Storm)wind!

United in Stormwind will see the card game focus on one of Warcraft - nay, gaming’s most iconic locations, Stormwind. Bringing trade and professions, there will be a lot to stock up on as you try to wreak havoc on your opponents.

Down below you will get the lowdown on everything that's coming with the card set and how you can get involved with what’s new.

When does United in Stormwind release?

Hearthstone’s latest card set is on the horizon and after sweltering out in the heat with Forged in the Barrens since March, players will be greeted by the capital setting of United in Stormwind. The expansion is currently will go live on August 3rd for all platforms.

What’s the theme?

As the title suggests, the new set of cards will be entirely themed around the Alliance and Human capital, Stormwind. The location is iconic, not just to the Warcraft lore, but in the broader gaming community. It’s always been a beacon of everything the Alliance stands for. Though despite all that, there seems to be trouble brewing, meaning it’s time to start battling with cards.

This theme stands in contrast to the largely Horde-themed Reforged in the Barrens, the game’s previous card set.

What new Cards are there?

The cards are still in the process of being revealed, but it’s expected there will be 135 new cards in the set. Several have already been revealed, and you can check them out on Blizzard’s website. It’s expected we'll have a look at the entire set on July 27, 2021.

Is there a new Keyword?

As with most new sets in Hearthstone, United in Stormwind will be introducing a new keyword into Hearthstone. In Forged in the Barrens, Frenzy was introduced, which created an effect if a minion survived after taking damage. Before that, Corrupt arrived in Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, which changed a card’s effect if something more powerful was played before it.

The new keyword for United in Stormwind is Tradeable, a nod to the main purpose players travel to Stormwind in current World of Warcraft - buying, selling, and item management. Cards with the Tradeable keyword can be traded for a random card in your deck for (1) mana. If you’ve played something like Magic the Gathering, this is akin to Cycling.

It allows your hand to be a little dynamic and allows you to get value out of cards you don’t need in a given situation. Instead of taking up space, you can spend (1) to draw a card and potentially get something a little more useful. It’s not free, but it gives you a shot if you are in a bind, or also potentially dig deep into your deck to find exactly what you need.

Is there any other new mechanics to be aware of?

Yup! Professions are making their way to Hearthstone. Acting as a variant to traditional weapons, Profession Tools will offer fairly powerful benefits, but you'll have to work to activate and utilize them. For example, the Runed Mithril Rod is a Warlock card that reduces the costs of cards in your hand by (1) but is only activated after you draw 4 cards. After that, it loses 1 durability.

There are also new Questline cards, which grant powerful rewards but also require pre-requisites to be met. These are class-specific and begin in your hand, before being placed on the board like a secret. You will then have to work through your objective to gain a reward, however, once you do, you will progress the questline


You will have to complete two questlines before reaching the final card, which is a powerful minion. For instance, Establish the Link, tasks you with taking 7 damage on your turns, and then it'll deal 3 damage (with Lifesteal). The card will then progress into Complete the Ritual. Once you complete that card, it will turn into Blightborn Tamsin, which means, for the rest of the game, damage you take on your turn instead damages your opponent. A very strong option for Warlock types.

Is there a United in Stormwind Trailer?

There is. You can watch it here:

Watch on YouTube

On top of that, there is also a short presentation showing off the expansion and giving a deeper look at the new mechanics like Tradeable, Profession Tools and Questlines coming in United in Stormwind. You can catch that here:

Watch on YouTube

How can you get it?

As with the last several expansions, the game will naturally roll over into the new set. You do not have to buy anything in particular, to play when United in Stormwind launches. However, as is always the case, you will be able to buy packs for the set, which contain 5 cards with one guaranteed to be Rare or above. The current pricing on packs is 100 in-game gold per pack, £2.99 for 2 packs, £8.99 for 7 packs, £16.99 for 15 packs, £44.99 for 40 packs and £59.99 for 60. That should remain consistent when United in Stormwind launches.

However, for those that are eager to get the most out of their money and are willing to drop a decent amount on the new cards, there are two options. United in Stormwind’s pre-purchase bundle comes with 60 United in Stormwind packs, two random Legendary cars and a unique Lady Katrana Prestor card back. The United in Stormwind bundle costs £44.99.

For those really looking to go large, there is also the United in Stormwind Mega Bundle. At the cost of £69.99, players will get a multitude of rewards. You’ll receive 80 United in Stormwind packs, 2 random United in Stormwind Golden Legendaries. A Lady Katana Prestor card back, a Lady Katrana Prestor Alternate Hero, 5 Golden United in Stormwind Packs, Battleground perks and an alternate Bartender Ve’Nari for Battlegrounds.

That's the low down on the United in Stormwind expansion set. We'll be updating the best decks to use right here on out Hearthstone Deck Tier List. We will be keeping an eye out for the metadefining cards and updating the deck lists with the best cards you can get your hands on. There is also our Battlegrounds Tier List if you are looking to get away from the grind of ranked!

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