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Hearthstone Puzzle Lab: Puzzle solutions and answers walkthrough

Our complete guide to beating the Hearthstone Puzzle Lab

Looking for Hearthstone Puzzle Lab solutions? The Puzzle Lab is a series of Hearthstone puzzles introduced way back in Season 54 with The Boomsday Project expansion. These puzzles are split into four different challenge types, including wiping the board or mirroring the opponent's field. Although some of the challenges present little difficulty at first, it swiftly becomes more challenging as you dig deeper into the missions.

In this guide, we've got all of the Puzzle Lab solutions that you'll need to complete every challenge. If there's a particular puzzle you just can't get your head around, we've got step by step instructions for getting them done and dusted in next to no time. Either follow the pages through one-by-one, or use the links below to find the puzzle that you're currently struggling with.

Boomsday Project Puzzle Lab solutions:

Cover image for YouTube videoHearthside Chat: The Puzzle Lab with Giovanni Scarpati & Max Ma

What is Puzzle Lab?

Puzzle Lab is a minigame mode added alongside The Boomsday Project back in 2018. However, it remains popular today, as it offers players a unique card back upon completing all of the puzzles. You can see the unique card back below:

To get Puzzle Lab, you must follow this link to find the Boomsday Project Adventure on Blizzard's Battle.Net launcher. Claim it for free, and then head into the game to find Puzzle Lab. You must unlock all 11 classes before you can start Puzzle Lab.

There are four puzzle variants to battle through in the Puzzle Lab. Below, we'll break down each puzzle type, so that you have a rough idea of what to expect in each challenge without getting specific spoilers.

  • Lethal: These puzzles have one clear goal - deliver lethal damage against the opposing AI's hero.
  • Mirror: For this puzzle type, you'll have to match the boss's side of the board exactly, copying both the minions' positions on the board and their health totals.
  • Board Clear: To complete these challenges you'll have to clear the battlefield completely. That doesn't just mean your opponent's creatures - you'll need to destroy your own as well.
  • Survival: For this puzzle type you'll need to hold out against the boss's special Hero Power. Set your board up to survive their onslaught to win.

Puzzle Lab is designed to be a quick mode, with new boards cycling in almost immediately upon completing a puzzle. If you want to restart, you only need click the reset button to instantly set the board back to its default state. If you need a break, you can hop in and out at any time.

You can hop between the various puzzle types at any time, so if you're stuck on Mirror challenges, change focus and head to another type, such as Lethal, instead.

Head Scientists and Assistants

The Puzzle Lab is populated by a number of Head Scientists, each with their own Assistant. All of the Scientists - and some of the Assistants - already have a Hearthstone card associated with them, and so give us a flavour of what to expect when you encounter each one.

Here's a breakdown of who's who in the Puzzle Lab universe.

  • Crystalsmith Kangor (Head Scientist)
  • Glow-Tron 2000
  • Zerek, Master Cloner (Head Scientist)
  • Test Subject
  • Dr. Morrigan (Head Scientist)
  • Demonologist Draan
  • Electra Stormsurge (Head Scientist)
  • Lil' Stormy
  • Myra Rotspring (Head Scientist)
  • Poisonmaster Pollark
  • Stargazer Luna (Head Scientist)
  • Astromancer Arwyn
  • Boommaster Flark (Head Scientist)
  • Boomnician Breena
  • Flobbidinous Floop (Head Scientist)
  • Dexter the Dendrologist

Of course, Dr Boom also appears as the big boss of the Puzzle Lab, with a whole series solely dedicated to them.

That wraps up our intro to the Puzzle Lab, so click through to the next page to start solving those puzzles. If you're headed back to the main Hearthstone mode and are looking for a strong deck, take a look at our Hearthstone Murloc Shaman decklist.

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