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Hearthstone: Puzzle Lab Guide - Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

Our complete guide to beating the Puzzle Lab content in The Boomsday Project

A completely fresh Hearthstone meta is now well under way, and as well as introducing a whole host of new cards to the game, The Boomsday Project expansion has given us an exciting new single player adventure too.

It's completely unlike anything Blizzard's last two roguelike challenges where players would be tasked with battling through a series of boss encounters. Instead, the Puzzle Lab features more than 100 board-state challenges that you'll have to solve one by one.

The Puzzle Lab is split into four different challenge types, from completely clearing the board, to crafting a perfectly mirrored battlefield. Although some of the challenges present little difficulty at first, the difficulty swiftly ramps up once you start digging ever deeper into the missions.

In this third edition of our Puzzle Lab guide, we've put together solutions to help you complete every single puzzle. If there's a particular puzzle you just can't get your head around, we've got step by step instructions for getting them done and dusted in next to no time.


You can now use the links just a little further down the page to access complete walkthroughs for every single puzzle that exists in the Puzzle Lab. As a walkthrough, this guide is now complete!

Puzzle Lab Puzzle Types

As we've mentioned above, there are four puzzle variants to battle through in the Puzzle Lab. On top of this there's also a particularly tricky collection of puzzles set by Dr. Boom himself which we've included as a separate category down below.

Dr. Boom

These are by far the toughest puzzles you'll come across in the Puzzle Lab and you shouldn't feel bad if you have to dip into the spoiler territory we've prepared to help you get past them all!

- Dr. Boom Lethal Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

- Dr. Boom Mirror Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

- Dr. Boom Board Clear Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

- Dr. Boom Survival Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough


These puzzles have one clear goal - deliver lethal damage against the opposing AI. With such a straightforward objective, it's a great starting point for all newcomers diving into the Puzzle Lab content.

- Poisonmaster Pollark Lethal Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

- Myra Rotspring Lethal Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

- Lil' Stormy Lethal Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

- Electra Stormsurge Lethal Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough


For this puzzle type, you'll have to match the boss's side of the board exactly. There's no leeway so you'll have to copy both the minions' precise positions on the board as well as match their total health values. It's a totally different way of thinking about the game!

The end goal always chops and changes - do you try and heal the boss's minions to match you own, or eliminate them both by trading? The devs have stated that there are multiple solutions for most of these puzzles, with all sorts of avenues for you to explore.

- Test Subject Mirror Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

- Astromancer Arwyn Mirror Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

- Stargazer Luna Mirror Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

- Zerek, Master Cloner Mirror Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

Board Clear

To complete these challenges you'll have to clear the battlefield completely, and this includes having to wipe out your own minions in a single turn, while simultaneously blasting away your opponent's side of the board too.

This makes Deathrattle minions more challenging to toy around with. Defile was mentioned by the devs as an interesting mechanic that opens up many opportunities for this particular type of challenge.

- Dexter the Dendrologist Board Clear Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

- Flobbidinous Floop Board Clear Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

- Demonologist Draan Board Clear Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

- Dr. Morrigan Board Clear Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough


For this puzzle type you'll need to hold out against the boss's special Hero Power. This'll require you to craft a very specific set play ahead of time, in order to buy yourself enough defensive power to survive the upcoming pain.

- Boomnician Breena Survival Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

- Boommaster Flark Survival Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

- Glow-Tron 2000 Survival Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

- Crystalsmith Kangor Survival Puzzle Solutions and Answers Walkthrough

Puzzle Lab Overview

First of all, here's a quick overview of what to expect from Puzzle Lab when it goes live in Hearthstone.

  • The new content will be released on Tuesday 21st August, which is two weeks after the Boomsday set launched.
  • There are four different puzzle types in the Puzzle Lab: Lethal, Mirror, Board Clear and Survival.
  • The mode will feature unique cards and mechanics that are not available in the main game.
  • Unlike in the Adventure content of old, you'll be able to progress through the different lab types in any order you want. If you get stuck at any point, you can just dive into something else.
  • Puzzles are separated into groups of eight or nine, which minimises loading time and keeps the interface clean.
  • You'll be able to take a break from tackling these puzzle clusters, and then resume at a later time and exactly where you left off.
  • After successfully solving a puzzle, you'll seamlessly transition into the next one in the group, with a new hand and board state moving rapidly into place.
  • Puzzles only take place across one turn, so you don't have to spend too much time looking ahead, or thinking about where you might have gone wrong in previous turns.
  • Restarts are extremely quick, and you can reset the puzzle with a button press. This way if you know you've gone wrong, you can start all over again nice and quickly.

Head Scientists and Assistants

The Puzzle Lab is populated by a number of Head Scientists, each with their own Assistant. All of the Scientists - and some of the Assistants - already have a Hearthstone card associated with them, and so give us a flavour of what to expect when you encounter each one.

Here's a breakdown of who's who in the Puzzle Lab universe.

  • Crystalsmith Kangor (Head Scientist)
  • Glow-Tron 2000
  • Zerek, Master Cloner (Head Scientist)
  • Test Subject
  • Dr. Morrigan (Head Scientist)
  • Demonologist Draan
  • Electra Stormsurge (Head Scientist)
  • Lil' Stormy
  • Myra Rotspring (Head Scientist)
  • Poisonmaster Pollark
  • Stargazer Luna (Head Scientist)
  • Astromancer Arwyn
  • Boommaster Flark (Head Scientist)
  • Boomnician Breena
  • Flobbidinous Floop (Head Scientist)
  • Dexter the Dendrologist

Final Boss - Dr. Boom

The most difficult puzzles of all will see you facing off against Dr. Boom himself.

These challenges are expected to be incredibly challenging, but if you really get stuck then we've got all the answers tucked away on Metabomb (see the links above).

Puzzle Lab Rewards

Beat the Puzzle Lab content and you'll receive a special card back as your reward. Here's how it looks:

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