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Conan Exiles slashes out of early access

Crush your enemies

Fantasy sandbox survive 'em up Conan Exiles left early access and launched properly yesterday, and evidently it proved more popular than developers Funcom had anticipated. With the game peaking at almost 29,000 concurrent players yesterday and official servers filling up, Funcom hastily launched extra servers - and it sounds like more might still be needed. Turns out, people quite like the idea of building settlements, fighting monsters, crafting, enslaving NPCs, currying the favour of the gods to summon monstrous avatars, and crushing their enemies, seeing them driven before them, and hearing the lamentations of the players controlling the characters.

The updating bringing Conan Exiles to version 1.0 added a volcano ripe with obsidian and a home to a cult, waded into the new swamp biome to fight new monsters, and started worshipping the new religion in service of Derketo, the goddess of fertility and death. Yes, that is often fertility and death at the same time, wink wink.

See the launch patch notes for details on that and the rest.

Along with the usual sandbox multiplayer murderworld, Conan Exiles does support private servers for cooperative play (or private competitive, I suppose) as well as plain ol' singleplayer.

We... haven't really looked at Exiles since it entered early access in January 2017. I have no useful posts to point you towards. Gang, have you been roaming the desert in a loincloth - what's it like? The desert, and the loincloth.

Conan Exiles is £34/€40/$40 on Steam.

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