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Slay The Spire brews up new potions

Double double toil and trouble

Deck-building dungeon-crawler Slay The Spire has become even more delightful with today's early access update, which added loads more potions. Before, potions were bland, not requiring much thought or planning, and largely skippable. Now you'll find potions giving ghostly intangibility, fleeting bursts of strength, discard decisions, free cards, and other effects worth considering.

To see so very, very many of the new potions and try 'em up, do check out today's daily run; its starting deck includes 15 copies of the potion-brewing Alchemize.

Today's update added 16 new potions, as well as sorting potions into rarity tiers. You'll find potions which grant 5 strength or dexterity but only for one single turn (handy for burst damage or mega-safety), or give 4 plated armour, let you discard as many cards as you please to draw that many more, apply 3 vulnerability, get 1 turn of intangible (Wraith Form's effect), become confused (the Snecko effect) and draw cards, throw a smoke bomb to escape a (non-boss) combat... some are straight-up great and some require interesting decisions.

See this Reddit post for the full list of new potions, some of which have new names since that beta patch. Potions are still only potions but I'll certain pay them more attention now.

Oh, and watch out for this cheeky trio who finally graduated from the beta branch:

See the patch notes for more on the rest.

This update has not added the third character, The Defect. That robot wizard will stay on the opt-in beta branch for a little longer, developers Mega Crit Games explain, "while we incorporate art, animations, and balance some cards." They expect to properly add The Defect "later this month."

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