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Fortnite Battle Royale's comet hits, starting season 4

So long, Dusty Depot

The ominous comet which grew larger in the skies over Fortnite Battle Royale across many weeks has finally struck, reshaping parts of the map and kicking off the start of Season 4. Dusty Depot has borne the brunt of the strikes and become Dusty Divot, a big crater with a little research station. Other comet fragments have struck elsewhere on the map. The comet has scattered weird 'Hop Rocks' too, which give players a short burst of low gravity time to bounce around. It's a strange and exciting time in the battleground. Here, watch the moment the meteors fell:

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I do like these funny little trailers.

So! The comet! It first appeared in March, growing larger in the skybox over the weeks. As players speculated over where it might strike (Tilted Towers was the popular guess), Epic added fun little nods to the event like setting telescopes up on hillsides. Well, now it's finally hit, wiping out most of Dusty Depot. In its place, a honking great crater named Dusty Divot. The crater is littered with Hop Rocks, consumables which give players thirty-odd seconds of low-gravity to leap great heights and fall safely. They can't be carried, only consumed on pickup, so they're only for players scrapping round the Divot. Which, y'know, is a whole lot of people right now.

Epic have added a few new buildings around the map too. Players are still scurrying around uncovering all the new things.

Though I'm more into Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, I do admire and enjoy how much Epic are willing to play with the game and make big, fun changes. Sure, why not slam a comet into your game's only map? Good stuff.

Season 4 also brings a new Battle Pass with challenges to unlock new outfits, emotes, and so on.

The update brings some tidy little changes too. Headshots are reworked so other body parts get in the way less, so hitting someone's hand will penetrate through to their head and do the bonus damage; this is only for shots from above of straight-on, mind, as those from below will still hit obstructions. You can mark cosmetic items as favourites to have your loadout chosen randomly from them each match. You can smash up structures on the starting island now too. And the crossbow is removed. See the version 4.0 patch notes for more information.

Fortnite Battle Royale is free-to-play through Epic's own client.

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