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Fortnite week 6 challenges - Horde Rush, Fortnite Season 9 challenges tips

Week 6 in Fortnite's ninth season has also brought the horde of monsters with it for a limited timed event, complete with its own mutant slaying challenges. With the daily updates to the Fortbytes, that means a whole lot of stuff you might miss out on, and so we'll be cataloguing all of the challenges that will appear in this Season; yes, including the Fortbytes.

Now into its ninth season, Fortnite is a global juggernaut when it comes to just how popular it still is. There's still a lot to learn about not only getting that all-important "Victory Royale", but also the changes to the map as the seasons progress. For some beginner's tips, make sure you go to our main Fortnite guide hub for every single thing you need to know to get started.

Fortnite week 6 challenges guide (Season 9)

Our guide will have all of Fortnite Season 9's challenges, what you get in the Battle Pass for the new season, as well as an archive of the previous seasons and limited time challenges - beginning with the start of Season 7.

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Fortnite Season 9

Leaping from the Battle Bus in Season 9 will show some rather unfamiliar sights. We already know that Tilted Towers and Retail Row were obliterated by the volcano towards the end of Season 8, but from the trailer, it seems that it erupted once more and caused a lot more damage. It's been built up a bit with Neo Tilted and Mega Mall replacing the two areas, but what this means for the map overall is therefore uncertain at this point, but stay tuned to our Fortnite locations guide as we will be updating it with all the Season 9 locations.

The setting on the other hand is more clear - a future that's a weird mix of Blade Runner and Sunset Overdrive. That means there's a lot of neon colours, devices for zipping across the map, such as air vents and "Slipstreams", and a new shotgun variant. You can get the full lowdown on what Season 9 has to offer in our Fortnite Season 9 guide.

Remember that as of the previous season, you can get the help of your friends to complete challenges. All you need to do is go into the challenge page, click onto the challenge you'd like assistance with, and click the "Party Assist" button. This is particularly useful if you're struggling with some of the combat challenges and you're playing alongside more experienced players. Here are the currently available challenges in Season 9:

Fortnite Week 6 challenges

ChallengeGuide linkNumber requiredType of Challenge
Land at specific locationsN/AStage 1: Lucky Landing Stage 2: Loot Lake Stage 3: Shifty Shafts Stage 4: Frosty Flights Stage 5: Haunted HillsFree
Deal damage with SMGs to opponentsN/A500Free
Search containers/Elimination at Hot SpotsN/AStage 1: Search 3 chests at a Hot Spot Stage 2: Search 3 ammo boxes at a Hot Spot Stage 3: 1 Elimination at a Hot SpotFree
Deal damage to a vehicle driven by an opponentN/A200Battle Pass
Use a Storm Flip in different matchesN/A3Battle Pass
Use different vehicles in a single matchN/A2Battle Pass
Eliminate opponents in The Block or Fatal FieldsN/A3Battle Pass

Fortnite Horde Rush challenges

ChallengeNumber requiredRewards
Complete all 7 challenges to earn the reward item7Fiend Wrap
Eliminate members of the Horde with headshots500Never Surrender Loading Screen
Eliminate Poison Fiends or Exploding Brutes from at least 5m away20500 XP
Collect Score Multipliers10500 XP
Damage Spawn Obelisks5000500 XP
Work together with your squad to eliminate Gold Brutes5500 XP
Win a match without being eliminated1500 XP
Win with a team score of at least a certain number of points:Stage 1: 50,000 Stage 2: 100,000 Stage 3: 150,000 Stage 4: 200,000Stage 1: 100 XP Stage 2: 200 XP Stage 3: 300 XP Stage 4: 500 XP

Fortnite Week 5 challenges

ChallengeGuide linkNumber requiredType of Challenge
Deal damage with Grenades, Dynamite, or Stink BombsN/A200Free
Search chests at Salty Springs or Frosty FlightsN/A7Free
Eliminate an opponent in different matchesN/A5Free
Complete a lap of three tracksN/AStage 1: Desert race track (North Paradise Palms) Stage 2: Snowy race track (West Happy Hamlet) Stage 3: Grasslands race track (East Junk Junction)Battle Pass
Place trap items in different matchesN/A5Battle Pass
Visit different wind turbines in a single matchFortnite wind turbine locations5 (Outside of Pleasant Park)Battle Pass
Eliminations at Sky PlatformsFortnite Sky Platform locations3Battle Pass

Fortnite Week 4 challenges

ChallengeGuide linkNumber requiredType of Challenge
Deal damage with Sniper Rifles to opponentsN/A500Free
Dance inside various structures (Staged Challenge)Fortnite holographic Tomatohead, holographic Durrr Burger, and Dumpling Head locationsStage 1: Dance inside a holographic Tomato head Stage 2: Dance inside a holographic Durrr Burger head Stage 3: Dance on top of a giant dumpling headFree
Legendary Weapon eliminationsN/A3Free
Destroy a Loot Carrier in different matchesN/A3 (Head to locations with Gold Writing on them)Battle Pass
Land at five locations (Staged Challenge)N/AStage 1: Polar Peak Stage 2: Lazy Lagoon Stage 3: Salty Springs Stage 4: The Block Stage 5: Lonely Lodge Battle Pass
Eliminate opponents in Haunted Hills or Dusty DivotN/A3Battle Pass
Visit different named locations in a single matchN/A5Battle Pass

Fortnite Week 3 challenges

ChallengeGuide linkNumber requiredType of Challenge
Vehicle tricks (Staged Challenge)Fortnite vehiclesStage 1: Land a trick with a Driftboard. Stage 2: Get 3 seconds of airtime with a Quad Crasher Stage 3: Destroy opponent structures with a vehicle (3)Free
Search chests at Lonely Lodge or Polar PeakN/A7Free
Deal damage to an opponent within 10 seconds after using a SlipstreamFortnite Ride The Slipstreams200Free
Visit two locations in a single match (Staged Challenge)N/AStage 1: Happy Hamlet and Shifty Shafts. Stage 2: Sunny Steps and Dusty Divot Stage 3: Haunted Hills and Salty SpringsBattle Pass
Throw the Flying Disc toy and catch it before it lands.Flying Disc unlocked at Battle Pass Level 351Battle Pass
Explosive Weapon EliminationsN/A3Battle Pass
Deal damage with different weapons in a single match.N/A5Battle Pass

Fortnite Week 2 challenges

ChallengeGuide linkNumber requiredType of Challenge
Launch off air vents in different matchesFortnite Air Vents locations5Free
Land at various locationsN/AStage 1: Snobby Shores Stage 2: Fatal Fields Stage 3: Sunny Steps Stage 4: Dusty Divot Stage 5: Happy HamletFree
Eliminate opponents in Sunny Steps or Shifty ShaftsN/A3Free
Deal damage with Pistols to opponentsN/A500Battle Pass
Visit an oversized Phone, a big Piano, and a giant Dancing Fish trophyFortnite oversized phone, big piano, and giant dancing fish trophy locations3Battle Pass
Search a chest in different Named Locations in a single matchN/A3Battle Pass
Eliminate an opponent from certain distances away.N/AStage 1: Eliminate an opponent from at least 50m away Stage 2: Eliminate an opponent from at least 75m away Stage 3: Eliminate an opponent from at least 100m awayBattle Pass

Fortnite week 1 challenges

ChallengeGuide linkNumber requiredType of Challenge
Ride the Slip Stream around Neo Tilted (Staged Challenge)Fortnite Ride The SlipstreamsStage 1: Ride the Slip Stream around Neo Tilted Stage 2: Ride the Slip Stream around Mega MallFree
Visit all Sky PlatformsFortnite Sky Platform locations7Free
Deal damage to an opponent within 10 seconds after using a Shadow BombN/A200Free
Pick up a Legendary Item in different matchesN/A5Battle Pass
Search chests at Lucky Landing or Loot LakeN/A7Battle Pass
Scoped Weapon EliminationsN/A3Battle Pass
Deal damage to opponents from at least 2 stories aboveN/AStage 1: Deal 300 damage to opponents from at least 2 stories above Stage 2: Deal 200 damage to opponents from at least 4 stories above Stage 3: Deal 100 damage to opponents from at least 6 stories aboveBattle Pass

A lot of Rox Sprays on one wall near an underpass in Neo Tilted. The Fortbyte is active.

Fortnite Fortbyte challenges

Fortnite Fortbytes - Click here to look at the full Fortbyte challenge list and the locations for each of the ones on the map.

Previously available challenges in Season 9

Fortnite Wick's Bounty challenges

ChallengeGuide linkNumber requiredReward
Complete any 5 challenges to earn the reward item.N/A5Gold Token (Back Bling)
Win a match of Wick's BountyN/A1One Shot (Glider)
Play matches of Wick's BountyN/A5Boogeyman (Wrap)
Collect Gold TokensN/A120500 XP
Collect Gold Tokens in a single matchN/A20500 XP
Deal damage with the Combat ShotgunN/A500500 XP
Deal damage with the Tactical Assault RifleN/A500500 XP

Fortnite Downtown Drop challenges

ChallengeGuide linkNumber requiredReward
Complete any 1 challenge to earn the reward itemN/A1Back Board
Complete all 13 challenges to earn the reward itemN/A13Back Board (Sweaty)
Change the color of 1000 tiles.N/A1000Back Board (Rex)
Dance or emote between two food trucks.N/A1Gameface (Spray)
Find Jonesy hidden behind a fence.N/A1Wings (Spray)
Collect a basketball, coin, and shoe in a single match.N/A3Back Board (Slurp)
Find Jonesy in the sewersN/A1G.O.A.T (Spray)
Search O-N-F-I-R-E LettersN/A6Back Board (Cuddle)
Find Jonesy near the basketball court, near the rooftops, and in the back of a truckN/A3Back Board (Banana)
Go faster than 30 through both speed trapsN/A2Slam Dunk (Spray)
Hit any of the trickjumps on eithre the crane, elevated train, or fence.N/A1Back Board (Kevin)
Jump through all 6 flaming hoopsN/A6Back Board (Fishstick)
Find 2 hidden shortcutsN/A2Back Board (Drift)
Dance or emote at the basketball courtN/A1Back Board (Disco)
Spray an ice cream truckN/A1Back Board (Food)

Loading screens Battle Star locations for week 5.

Fortnite Season 9 loading screens

Finally, here are the loading screens for Season 9's challenges, along with the specific location on the map. Click the images below to see the full size image.

Season 9 Week 1 loading screen 

The loading screen image has some coordinates on the mini-gun. These are "I5, I6, J5, and J6". Given how this is positioned, you'll need to head to where the grid reference will cross over. Use your map to work out where you need to head to and you'll eventually find a small patch of gravel aside from the path to the west of the Abandoned Mansion. The Battle Star will appear here.

Season 9 Week 2 loading screen

This one is covered in more detail in our Fortnite Fortbytes guide as the reward is a Fortbyte piece.

Season 9 Week 3 loading screen

The third week has a loading screen with a lot of very good dogs admiring another dog dressed in skater gear. If you look very closely at the graffiti underneath the dogs with red and green bandanas, there is a drawing of a bunch of cars piled up on top of another. This is in reference to the pile of cars on a trailer just outside of Junk Junction. Head over to Grid Reference B2 to find it at the southern-most entrance. Scale to the top to find your prize.

Season 9 Week 4 loading screen

This one is covered in more detail in our Fortnite Fortbytes guide as the reward is a Fortbyte piece.

Season 9 Week 5 loading screen

The fifthweek has a loading screen themed around the new Storm Vial and some Magneto like bloke with a gas mask. But look at the ring that surrounds him and you'll see a set of letters and numbers. The point it's referring to  Grid Reference B2/B3/C2/C3 which is just outside of Pleasant Park that's on top of one of the hills to the north-west.

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Fortnite challenges tips

A lot of the challenges in Fortnite revolve around getting kills and damage with certain weapons, possibly in certain locations, or just merely landing in locations on the map. Here are a couple of tips aimed to help you in completing those challenges.

  • Season 9 introduces a new type of challenge called "Fortbytes", which require you to use clues to find all 100 hidden collectables throughout the map. A guide will be coming for how to find all the Fortbytes, so stay tuned.
  • Season 8 introduced "Party Assist". Before a match, select a daily or weekly challenge for you to be able to complete it.
  • For the various weapon challenges, your best bet is to compete in a Limited Time Mode (LTM) that features respawns. Since all damage is cumulative during a match, even those that say "in a Single Match", you should be able to at least have a good attempt to complete that challenge.
  • In challenges that require eliminations in specific locations, some areas are better than others. Tilted Towers and Pleasant Park are very popular locations to drop into, so if you're looking for a less popular area to descend into, try for the second area.
  • Make sure that you have completed matches rather than quitting as soon as you finish you have done your task. Some challenges require the match to be finished before it will count.

What you get with the Season 9 Battle Pass

You should probably know a bit more about the Battle Pass itself. Fortnite's Battle Royale mode is free to play, with a fair number of challenges being free to complete, giving you a taste of what the Battle Pass challenges have to offer. If you were lucky to complete enough of the challenges in the Overtime challenge set, you got this season for free, but the Battle Pass for each season is usually priced at 950 V-Bucks. This now means forking out £7.99, €9.99, and $9.99 respectively to purchase 1000 V-Bucks, leaving you with 50 V-Bucks left over, but they usually come with a few unlocks to begin with.

When you purchase the Season 9 Battle Pass, you'll unlock two skins - Sentinel and Rox. Both of these are "progressive outfits", meaning that you can unlock more styles for them as you gain experience. This Season you'll also be able to buy a "Battle Bundle", which unlocks 25 tiers automatically. This will cost you 2800 V-Bucks and automatically nets you:

  • Bunker Jonesy outfit
  • Sentinel wrap
  • Ripe Rippers Harvesting Tool
  • Turbo Spin Glider
  • Ripe Wrap
  • 300 V-Bucks
  • 1 Music Track
  • 70% Bonus Season match XP
  • 20% Bonus Season friend match XP
  • and more.

You'll also unlock more stuff as you play matches, either through levels or completing each of the individual challenges. Challenges are unlocked as the season progresses, though once the season is over, the challenges are gone forever, so you'll need to get in quick. You can also throw some more money (150 V-Bucks per Tier level) to unlock the next rank, but it's not advisable to do so unless there is a particular skin coming up that you really, really, really want. The exception to this are the style challenges which stay unlocked and able to be completed after the season finishes.

However, some of you are probably wanting to know how to spend the least amount of money on Fortnite. If you'd like one tip, try not to spend V-Bucks if you want to maximise your investment. It's entirely possible to save up V-Bucks as you progress through the ranks until you can afford the next season.

What were the previous Challenges?

Please note that these challenge guides are for challenges no longer available to complete in the game.

This concludes our weekly challenges guide, but there's plenty more in our collection of guides for Fortnite. For more on the weapons themselves, check out our Fortnite weapons guide, the locations to find them can be found in our Fortnite locations, while the list of the vehicles in the game are in our Fortnite vehicles guide.

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