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Woodsy is more than you'd expect from a mashup of spooky and woods

A mix of scares and cares

You've been locked out of your cabin and you have to explore the woods. Turns out that getting your key back is going to involve a few spooky adventures. You know why? Because in Woodsy the woods are spooky. There are monsters everywhere, but said monsters very quickly can become your friends, if you run a series of errands on their behalf. It's a delightful mix of scares and cares, and it is absolutely free.

This was made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 41, as part of this dare's "combine two incompatible genres" challenge. The small team from Braindeer Games merged slice-of-life walkabouts like Animal Crossing with genuinely effective jump scares. The scares are immediately transitioned into very cute interactions with the various skeletons and monsters you meet in your new swampy terror home.

(Lofoten from Ludum Dare 41 is also quite good, as I wrote about here. This Ludum Dare has just be an incredible bounty of games that I'm glad the creators are releasing and pushing for larger audiences to dabble in.)

You can download Woodsy for free from There are both 64-bit and 32-bit versions available. Consider following the creators to support their work.

Programmed and designed by @ghodan_
Pixel art by @moawko
Sounds by Ninja Ropes

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