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Animal Crossing players are making outfits inspired by their favourite PC games

They're all, obviously, adorable

Over here in PC land we normally wouldn't get to write about Nintendo's cutesy island life sim, Animal Crossing, but I've found a wonderful reason to bring it before your eyes today. Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets you design all manner of lovely clothing items and pictures for you to display somewhere in your town, and players have been using it to create outfits inspired by PC games like Sea Of Thieves, Sayonara Wild Hearts and, of course, Doom: Eternal.

For starters, here's some excellent Outer Wilds and Sayonara Wild Hearts designs for your perusal.

Now, I couldn't very well write something like this without acknowledging all of the fan crossovers between Animal Crossing and Doom, so to honour the trend, these talented players have created some variants of the Doom logo and emblazoned them onto a cap. If only we could see Isabelle walking around rocking one of these.

Next up is a particularly impressive one, "@Blackwing" on Twitter made a sprite of Ori (of Blind Forest and Will Of The Wisps fame). If you want to get your hands on this one they've popped the QR code to scan it into your Switch in the comments.

Cosplayers are getting in on the action, too - Stella Chuu is making a whole bunch of cosplays in the game. Here's a design she made of 2B's dress from Nier: Automata (you know, if 2B had a frog head).

Overwatch League Twitter has been having a whale of a time with all this, with fans of every team making jerseys so they can represent their faves during their little island getaways. The Shanghai Dragons even made their own for fans to copy.

If you visit Reddit user "sadieandthesadies", you best hope you find some good gear lying around. They've attempted to turn their Animal Crossing island into a battle royale by hoisting up an Apex Legends flag right next to their airport.

My attempt at an Apex Legends flag in Animal Crossing
by u/sadieandthesadies in apexlegends

And last not least, here is an absolutely fabulous Sea Of Thieves hat. I'm not sure how they managed to get it that detailed, but I'm heartily impressed and inspired to try and make my own piratey designs.

Sea of Thieves Logo recreated in Animal Crossing
by u/worrywirt in Seaofthieves

There's something so odd, yet so heartwarming about people sharing the love for their favourite games inside another game. Some of these designs are almost like little mementos - you may not be sailing on the Sea Of Thieves right now, but that doesn't mean you can't take a small part of it with you, even if it is just a logo on a hat.

As for me, I'll be plastering the RPS logo I made all around my town. Maybe I should build a treehouse.

Animal Crossing has opened up so many avenues for wonderful crossovers and mashups. Just yesterday I pointed out some adorable Hades fan art of all the gods as Animal Crossing villagers, and I'm sure there'll be many more to come.

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