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Someone drew the gods from Hades as adorable Animal Crossing villagers

Hera some great crossovers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons may only be on Switch, but that will not stop me from finding ways to talk about it in relation to my fave PC games. We've already seen loads of the adorable mashups of Isabelle and Doom Guy, frolicking amongst fields of demons, and now I want to show you the cutest piece of Hades fan art where someone has drawn all the gods as cartoon-y Animal Crossing Villagers.

Excellent artwork by "HummingMoth" on Reddit.

Each villager-god is based off of their sacred animals from Greek mythology (or at least animals somewhat related to them). From left to right we have Zeus as an eagle, Athena as an owl, Poseidon as a horse, Artemis as a doe, Demeter as a lizard, Aphrodite as a dove, Ares as a vulture, Dionysus as a snake and Hermes as a ram. (I had a lot of fun guessing who was who before I realised the artist had written it all out underneath their post.)

Look at them! They're all so cute! I want all of these Olympians on my island. HummingMoth has undoubtedly made my favourite piece of art to come out of Animal Crossing so far. I'm a big fan of Dionysus and the way he's drunkenly looking at Hermes. I also adore Poseidon's little horse beard.

As my timelines get filled with more and more Animal Crossing content, I can't wait to see even more awesome art and mods come our way. There are already some pretty good crossovers out - this Doom II mod has Isabelle following you around to help you murder things. Wholesome.

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