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Hades comes to Xbox Game Pass next week

Alongside its equal, Microsoft Solitaire

Hades will arrive on Xbox Game Pass on August 13th. That's our favourite game of 2020 for the price of a subscription. It's also just one of a bunch of new games coming to Game Pass in August.

Cover image for YouTube videoHades - v1.0 Gameplay Showcase

The full list of PC games arriving in August is:

  • Curse Of The Dead Gods - August 5th
  • Dodgeball Academia - August 5th
  • Katamari Damacy Reroll - August 5th
  • Lumines Remastered - August 5th
  • Starmancer (game preview) - August 5th
  • Art Of Rally - August 12th
  • Hades - August 13th
  • Microsoft Solitaire Collection: Premium Edition - August 17th

If you're already sick of Hades, Curse Of The Dead Gods is a fair alternative. It's a better-than-average roguelike hack-and-slasher, with a Darkest Dungeny aesthetic. Art Of Rally is a smart, topdown rally game that feels like a sequel to something you might have played on the Amiga 500 25 years ago. Katamari Damacy Reroll is the PC re-release of the console classic, about rolling up detritus and everything else into a giant ball.

You shouldn't be sick of Hades, though. It was everyone's favourite game of last year for a reason. "Hades' ability to continue to surprise and encourage is unlike any roguelike I've played," wrote Imogen in the advent calendar. "Even when you fail runs you're rewarded with fun exchanges between brilliant characters back in your underworld mansion. Hades makes failure fun and success so incredibly inspiring. Please, play this game."

Or you could lean into your mid-life crisis and play Solitaire again. So many choices.

Meanwhile, as some games join Game Pass, so others leave. The following PC games will vanish on August 15th: Ape Out, Crossing Souls, Darksiders Genesis, Don't Starve, Final Fantasy VII, Train Sim World 2020. You can read about the games arriving on console over on the Xbox blog.

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