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Indiescovery Episode 10: The Indievision Song Contest

We're in double digits, baby

The banner for Indiescovery episode 10 featuring Paradise Killer, Kentucky Route Zero, and Käärijä's 2023 Eurovision performance
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Whoooo we’re officially in the double-digits gang! We’ve somehow managed to make it to episode 10 of Indiescovery without going completely feral and wrecking the joint. I say that, but this week’s episode is a little, shall we say, unhinged? Rebecca, Liam, and Rachel hadn’t really had a proper chat all week so there’s a lot of Friday energy and catching up, and the energy levels only increase when we start to talk about our main topic of this episode: Eurovision! And indie games, of course.

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Yes, it’s a Eurovision-themed episode, and more specifically, which indie game characters we think would make the best Eurovision entries. We’re looking for kooky, campy, gimmicky, vibrant, and super queer showstoppers. Oh and a good song would also help, too.

But first, we kick off the pod with a chat about Disney World, as Rachel has just come back from a very fun but very tiring 10-day trip to Disney World Orlando. Then there’s some very cursed Goofy chat, which we’ll leave for you to listen to without spoilers.

So which indie game characters do we think would make great Eurovision entries? Rebecca’s first up with Monster Prom’s Liam de Lioncourt, a hipster vampire with a love for eccentric music. Chuck a keytar in his hands and we think this topknot, suspender-wearing weirdo would go down a treat. Rachel and Rebecca then both agree on Junebug’s performance from Kentucky Route Zero, is a mesmerising ballad that would knock the party hat off anyone in the audience. Liam's choice is the Chowder Man from Hypnospace Outlaw, a synth-rock entry whose major sweaty dad vibes would win the hearts of Europe.

We also chuck some others into the mix including Lady Love Dies from Paradise Killer with her absolute banger of a track ‘Paradise (Stay Forever)’, the Hades cast giving a super bi-sexual rock song in the same vein as Måneskin, any of Red's songs from Transistor, a drag queen pop anthem from Undertale’s Mettaton, and (Liam’s exact words) a yassified Harry Du Bois from Disco Elysium, which would be immense.

There’s a quick chat about what a Eurovision game adaptation world look like, be it a party game, visual novel, something like Just Sing, or a new Danganronpa game where each act gets a brutal execution. We also get back onto Disney again and look up the internet’s top 10 hottest Disney characters, so enjoy that!

We end the pod with our current hyperfixations. Rachel’s is Eurovision (surprise surprise) and she's going all in this year with scorecards, Reddit threads, Twitter discourse and more. Rebecca’s first pick is the Murder, She Wrote series from PushingUpRoses, a YouTube series she gave a shout-out to last episode, and the very good Ace Attorney podcast Turnabout Breakdown by Jay Castello and Diego Nicolás Argüello. Liam’s first is murder mystery Grave Expectations by RPS’ very own Alice Bell (whooo!) and his second is sci-fi novel Frontier by Grace Curtis.

Indiescovery is a podcast by Rock Paper Shotgun. Our theme music is by Dylan Sitts, specifically the songs Tahoe Trip, Pool Sticker, and Express Check-in. You can contact the podcast by chucking an email to, or by chatting to like-minded individuals about PC gaming over in our Discord.

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