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Rip and tear with Animal Crossing's Isabelle in this Doom II mod

Family friendly slaying

If you're anything like me, you're currently going through some intense Animal Crossing: New Horizons FOMO. These sort of lifestyle sims aren't for me, but I'll admit - watching my mutuals posting their island adventures non-stop has me a little jealous. Where's my Tanuki landlord? Why can't I have a best friend who is also a dog? For the Doom marine, the latter is only a download away, thanks to a new mod for Doom II that lets Animal Crossing's Isabelle join you for some righteous bloodshed against the legions of hell.

Rip and tear, Isabelle. Rip and tear until you've paid off your mortgage.

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Created by modder itsmeveronica, Isabelle is impervious to all damage and will follow you to hell and back. The chirpy dog's even got a bit of bloodlust herself, and will do a little slaying of her own with confetti bombs, hammers, or a good ol' shotgun. Not very Nintendo friendly, that. Like Bioshock: Infinite's Elizabeth, she might even toss health or ammo your way in the middle of a fight.

Make it out of a bloodbath intact, and Isabelle might even offer a high-five. Don't you dare leave her hanging.

Isabelle can be toggled between three states. Interact with her, and Isabelle will either stay put, follow you about passively, or actively join you in turning the legions of hell into gore-splattered mush. She's a nippy hound, too, and should keep up with the Doomguy's 90mph run speed. Get too far, and she'll teleport back to your side.

It's a natural evolution of all those lovely Animal Crossing x Doom crossover posts Alice Bee wrote on last month. With Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Eternal both releasing on the same day, the internet collectively decided that fan-favourite dog Isabelle and The Doom Slayer were, in fact, best buds. Thanks to this mod, they can now be besties through the demon-splattered remains of Hell On Earth.

The companion mod can be downloaded over on ModDB, though you'll need to be running Doom 2 via the GZDoom emulator to add Isabelle to your infernal village. The download also comes with a Minecraft resource pack, of all things, in case you want to reskin that game's wolves to look like Nintendo's favourite pooch.

As you do.

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