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Rafting adventure The Flame in the Flood is free today

Have paddle, will creek.

Is it any wonder that people are struggling to sell games when everyone and their dog is just throwing lovely free stuff at us? This time, they even threw in the dog to sweeten the deal. Apocalyptic rafting survival adventure The Flame in The Flood is free for the next 48 hours (minus a couple) via the Humble store, and you should probably pick it up while the going's good.

Noted survivor of the great flood Philippa Warr went and reviewed the game back when it launched in 2016. Once she'd figured out how to keep afloat (to to speak) and balance the protagonist's need for food and other resources, it became perhaps a little too comfortable to be a convincing game about survival. That said, it's still absolutely lovely looking, and if you give it a chance it can eat up hours of your time. Just don't go expecting anything wildly deep.

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While the basic management aspects of the game may be a little lightweight, it's hard to deny just how satisfyingly tactile the whole thing is. Every item on your raft is a physical item, and your inventory's size is determined by just how neatly and securely you can strap everything down. The highly stylized animals roaming the floodlands are also especially intimidating, with wolves looking gnarled, jagged and practically alien, and the bears are the size and density of a small truck.

This giveaway (grab the game here) heralds the start of Humble's big Spring Sale, which is running from now until May 24th. This sale features a little gimmick, too - every $5 spent (after an initial freebie just for visiting) nets you a token, and at 3 and 5 tokens, you're rewarded with some extra free goodies. A second set of rewards will be available from May 17th, too.

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