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Steam Charts: Flipping Great Edition

Chart Flipping

A pleasingly fresh collection of games dominating the top ten Steam moneymakers this week, along with the shock absence of Counter-Strike: GO! No shocks at the #1 spot, but a couple of surprising appearances in the top 5.

Quite a few big drop-outs too. Far Cry 5 finally finishes its domination with its first non-appearance since release, Pillars II didn't trouble the charts for more than a #9 spot for one week, and Frostpunk has slipped out of the top ten too. Oh, you mercurial folk.

9. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Staring eyes

Dropping to an apposite £16.66 last week sees this re-enter the charts, a month after scooping big at the BAFTAs.

I'm so fascinated to play this, but keep getting put off by the possibly errant belief that it's another Dark Soulsalike, which will ruin any interest I might have in its exploration of mental illness by boring me to annoyance with boss fights. Correct me.

8. Stardew Valley

What next? Tax form filling in sims? YOU'D LOVE THAT TOO, WOULDN'T YOU, YOU SICKOS

The launch of multiplayer has done wonders for the already ludicrously well selling Stardew Valley. It makes you wonder why ConcernedApe didn't just press the Make It Multiplayer button two years ago!

Still though, as my wise wife said yesterday, "I cannot understand why people like gardening. It's a job that can never, ever be finished." And it is for that very reason that I'd rather pull my own legs off and feed them to a tiger than play this.

7 & 10. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy's Rainbow, with George, Zippy, Bungle and all his pals

A free weekend has propelled a game that doesn't have much difficulty getting into the charts anyway into two spots this week. Although it should be noted that it would all have been far better if it had been given the name I just used to search for the game on our site, "Tom Clancy's Rainbow".

Oh no, now I'm suddenly coming over all emotional about losing Adam again. Every week I'd write a joke about the mouldering corpse of Tom Clancy still developing these games, and every week he'd remove it out of respect for the friends and family of Tom Clancy, who really probably aren't reading RPS. Who's going to censor me now?! SNIFF.

6. The Forest

Is it a bit racist? It's probably a bit racist, isn't it?

Leaving early access last month still does wonders for sales of this completely brilliant survival horror. I'm dying to get back to it to see what's changed in the year or so since I last played.

I'm kind of hoping it still has infinitely spawning suitcases, because I loved how idiotic that was. But I'm also hoping that it's gotten a little harder to zoom through the crafting - I found that the survival only came when entering the horrorzones of the local loonies, and things got a bit farcical as I was building luxury holiday condos out of sticks and string. I'm going to be playing it as soon as I've gotten this rubbish finished.

5. House Flipper

Are they, er, shaving the window?

There's a reason you shouldn't listen to "industry analysts", because you can bet your fattest bottom that not a single one of them would ever have made the call that House Flipper would be the fifth highest grossing game on Steam last week.

Alice was a bit disappointed with its straightforwardness when she took a peek (BUT DEFINITELY DIDN'T REVIEW) last week. Hopes of a bit of fun and frivolity are not met, in what appears to be a very on-the-nose house renovation sim. Still, you get to smash walls down with a sledgehammer, so perhaps that explains it.

4. Wizard Of Legend

Who's flag design was that? 'No! Make them even more boring!'

What a lovely week of charts where we don't have to slog through another appearance of the CS:GO screenshot, but we do get indie releases like Wizard Of Legend right up in the top half.

I'm very tempted to find some time for this, after reading Dominic's review last week. But at the same time, I'm tempted to play every other pixelly roguelite too, but I've just learned I've only got a finite length of time in which I'm alive. This is most inconvenient.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

This is the best bit in GTA V that you missed because you were so bad at it

What’s Another Thing You Could Buy Instead Of GTA V Again?

JRPG welcome mats

2. Conan Exiles

There's bound to be a willy on that naughty octopus if you angle the camera right

I know nothing about Conan Exiles other than that it's a sandbox survival with even more willies than Rust. Also that Funcom appear to have finally succeeded in their desperate flailing to get something, anything, out of their rights to the Conan license.

It's all the more amazing for the way the game seemed to just disappear in early access, and I think if we're honest, no one really expected it to be able to recover simply by calling it's latest release a 1.0. But gosh, it has! And good for it.

1. Plunkbat

I just finished re-watching season 1 of Legion, undoubtedly the most brilliantly made TV show of the last couple of years, and so this Bassnectar remix of Nina Simone's Feeling Good is left playing around in my head:

Watch on YouTube

The Steam Charts are compiled via Steam's internal charts of the highest grossing games on Steam over the previous week.

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