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Unbound: Isaac joins fighting game Blade Strangers

Cave Story crossover too

As an avid The Binding Of Isaac player and a fan of absurd disparity in fighting game crossovers, I'm delighted to hear that Isaac has joined the cast of Blade Strangers. Isaac, a murdered child who in his native roguelikelike top-down shooter fights sentient poos by crying on them, will face a roster of heavily-armed crossover characters including Quote, the warbot hero of Cave Story. A bit like watching Butt-Head fight Godzilla on Salty Bet. That said, seeing Isaac in action in the new trailer below, I am surprised by how much of a scrapper the wee guy is. Even if he does cheat by getting his mum to fight for him.

It is possible that moves I read as headbutts and bellybashes are the lousy baby falling over and accidentally hurting his foes. Though the angelic hyperbeam is less ambiguous, I suppose.

Being made by Studio Saizensen, Blade Strangers has a roster mostly made of characters from their other games, like the action-RPG Code of Princess EX and fishy platformer Sayonara Umihara Kawase. Blade Strangers publishers Nicalis are also hooking Saizensen up with other games they've published, which is how Isaac is in as well as Cave Story's Curly Brace and Quote. Here's Quote, also only just announced for the game:

And hey look, here's Gunvolt from Inti Create's Azure Striker Gunvolt:

Crossover: approved.

Blade Strangers is coming to PC via Steam this summer. It's due to cost $40.

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