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Crossbows and ghillies galore in next Playerunknown's Battlegrounds event mode

Getting tired? This is truly the battle to end all battles!

You'll shiver at the sight of shrubs and bawl at bushes in the next three-day event mode coming to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, because 'Ghillie Crossing' will see Erangel swarming with players armed with crossbows and wearing ghillie suits. The only projectile weapons in the four-lad mode will be crossbows, see, and ghillie suits will be found as regular world loot. Never mind the shooter on the grassy knoll; this time, the silent sniper will be the grassy knoll.

Ghillie Crossing is a 100-player mode for four-player squads, developers PUBG Corp explain, played on Erangel. The only weapons spawning anywhere are crossbows, melee weapons, and grenades--no guns--and ghillie suits, which are usually rare loot in airdrop crates, will be found as regular ground loot. You won't spawn with a ghillie suit, so it's not a guaranteed shrubfest, but a whole lot of leafy lads will be lurking.

Pushing people closer together, the first safe zone will always spawn around the middle of the map, no vehicles will be found, and blue zone will do more and more damage as the round draws to a close.

So a whole load of people disguised as bushes will be crammed into small spaces, plinking at each other with crossbows or charging screaming with pans held aloft. Good times. In my days I have gone up against a handful of players scarily deadly with the crossbow, and I quite looking forward to having some enforced practise myself.

The Ghillie Crossing event mode will start at 7pm Pacific tonight (which is 3am on Friday the 25th for us here in the UK) then run until 7pm Pacific on Sunday the 27th (3am on the Monday for us).

Ooh it'll surely be the most people have feared shrubbery since The Day of the Triffids.

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