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Meet Matthew Castle, our new video person

Pivot to Castles

A couple of years ago, RPS dipped its toes into YouTube. We asked some of our friends to produce short series for us, and the results were good. It made us realise that what we do could work in video, but also that we'd need a full-time team to do it properly.

Now we've hired the first part of that team. Please welcome Matthew Castle to Castle Shotgun.

Matthew joins us after being in charge of Xbox's official YouTube channel, Xbox On. Prior to that some of you might remember his stellar work as editor of Official Xbox Magazine, Official Nintendo Magazine and the wonderful, beloved NGamer. He's funny, smart and the perfect person to lead RPS into the era of the moving image as a producer, presenter and writer.

You'll start to see Matthew's videos pop up in the coming days and weeks - the first is already up! - but these are just the start. We're researching camera equipment, locating studio space, and hiring two more video people to round out the team (announcements on which should follow soon). We're going to do this right.

We'll have more information about our aims and dreams for RPS and video in the weeks ahead. For now, rest assured that our video output is being added on top of what RPS already does and will always do. We're still going to be producing as many words and non-moving images as before.

Also, yes, Matthew and Katharine are the Posh and Becks of game journalism.

You can say hi to Matthew in the comments below, and remember to smash those like and subscribe buttons.

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