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State Of Decay 2 tweaks: FoV, mouse smoothing + more

Sod 2

Now that open-world zombie apocalypse survive 'em up State Of Decay 2 is properly out, rather than just for the billionaires who ordered their butlers to buy the special edition granting early access, you may be wondering: is it any good? For that, hey, look no further than our Brendan's State Of Decay 2 review. If you're already onboard, your question may be: do I need to futz with anything to get this sucker going? And the answer to that is, ah yeah, sure, you can fiddle in config files to tweak some graphics and control options not available in the menus, and the game does have a known problem or two.

Reddit user "Bilago" has rummaged in config files and pulled out a load of options that can change the field of view aspect ratio, disable motion and depth of field blur, turn off mouse acceleration, splash around more or less grass, and other handy things.

Or if you'd rather not rummage in config files, Bilago has also made a State Of Decay 2 configuration tool that can stick its hands in the config files for you. Double handy!

As for technical problems, the game's support page lists a few the developers know of. Perhaps the biggest is that the game simply crashes on launch for some players, making it unplayable. The potential causes for that seem to be numerous, with the page suggesting fixes ranging from reinstalling to switching Windows account type. Some would-be players are still reporting it crashing for them, but that's a start at least.

For those having problems connecting to multiplayer, this page charts a troubleshooting route that'll take you through the Xbox Networking options. I don't know if that fixes it for everyone (god knows networking is a terrible witchcraft) but there's something.

State Of Decay 2 is out now for £25/€30 on the Windows 10 Store, or it's playable for 'free' through Microsoft's £8/month Xbox Game Pass. The Pass does have a free 14-day trial so, in the absence of a demo, you could use that to check out how Sod 2 runs for you.

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