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Video: 10 State of Decay 2 tips to stay alive

George 'Ah!' Romero

If the zombies don’t get you in State of Decay 2, then the boastful barista will. Sure, he brews a mean cup of joe, but his self-confidence is beginning to grate and the community’s morale is sinking. This might be the first survival game to be derailed by a braggart with coffee breath. As such it can feel like the world is conspiring against you, so what better time to watch a video of tips and tricks to help even the odds. Not to boast myself (RPS has a high morale community), but it’ll make your life easier.

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State of Decay 2 doesn’t introduce itself very well. Okay, a zombie apocalypse is one of those ‘no time to explain’-type scenarios, but it’s impressive how many quality of life improvements slip through the cracks. If you watched Brendy and me tackling the co-op mode you’ll recall us bemoaning the busywork of transporting goods between the car and the storeroom. Turns out there’s a fix for that, it’s just never made clear. You can also pause the game, which is useful for when you want to get a snack without becoming one. I wish I learned it earlier. As does Laura the gardener. RIP Laura, your potato mastery will be missed.

Some of this wisdom is a matter of opinion - how you choose to develop your base will greatly alter the way you play the game. I opt for a relatively conservative food/meds/bombs setup, but I’m keen to hear of more outlandish base designs and strategies. I’ve also not pushed out into the other two maps yet (the whole game can be played on one if you want), so let me know how your move is going. Based on an earlier play session, I recommend the baseball field. Please do share thoughts in the comments - you could even comment on the video if you wanted to see your tactics rated with anonymous thumb reviews.

Elsewhere in the video I explain how to use outposts to efficiently spread your reach across the region and the quickest way to purge plague hearts from the map. And if you’re looking to up your looting game or take down infestations with ease, I’ve got those covered too. Just don’t expect any easy answers about what to do with your less impressive community members. Is a bit of shameless self-promotion really worth a bullet in the head? YouTube would be a quieter place if so.

Speaking of which: subscribe to the RPS YouTube channel for more of this kind of thing.

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