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Battlerite adding battle royale mode, right?

If you're gonna battle, battle right (right), battle with Battlerite

"If you're gonna battle," Wham sang, "battle right (right), battle with Battlerite." That's why young Matthew said in his Battlerite review that it "takes the team fights from MOBAs, strips out everything else and distils those fights into intricate ballets of timing, fast reactions and tactics." But if you're gonna battle royale? Battle royale right (right), battle royale with Battlerite Royale. Stunlock Studios today announced they're making a 20-player battle royale mode for their class-based arena brawler, see.

As is the usual battle royale mode way (cos it's a mode not a genre, yeah?), Battlerite Royale will rain players down over a big map ("30 times larger than the standard arena mode map," I'm told) to loot and murder each other until only one (or one pair in duos mode) is left standing.

Having different classes/characters/Champions should add a fair bit of variety, though I do known Paladins' own WIP battle royale mode has struggled with some of its being more viable than others. It'll be interesting to see how Stunlock handle that.

Here's how Stunlock pitch their battle royale mode:

"Battlerite Royale is played in a top-down perspective using WASD controls and victory depends on factors such as players' skill, map awareness, situational builds, and a sliver of luck. During fast-paced 10-minute matches players explore the map in order to find a variety of items, fight other players to grab their loot, and, ultimately, be the last one standing on the island. There are 27 unique Champions to choose from that offer a robust mix of roles: ranged, melee, and support. Every champion plays differently and mastering their abilities is the key to survive on the island, which makes Battlerite Royale stand out from similar titles."

's a battle royale mode, yeah? It's due to hit Battlerite some time this summer.

Battlerite is free-to-play through Steam. It has a rotating lineup of free characters, with others unlocked with in-game cash, through microtransactions, or bought in one big 'get every character forever' pack.

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We may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy.

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