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Battlerite Royale slashes its price and dives into a free week of play

You dive in off a giant blue magical wolf-dragon

Battlerite Royale - a last-man-standing spinoff from Stunlock Studios's arena brawler Battlerite - will eventually be free-to-play, but while it's in early access, you've got to pay to get in. Not today, or through the rest of the week - the game is free to try for the next four days, and a bit cheaper to buy in if it tickles your fancy. Our boy Matt dropped into the field last month and was enthralled by its blend of top-down, class-based combat and the multiplayer formula of the decade. Take a peek at the trailer below, then tag in to get in on the Halloween event while it's still live.

As a 3v3 arena fighter, Battlerite worked excellently. While the jury is still out on how well Battlerite Royale will shake out in the end, it's an interesting move to transplant it into a Battle Royale format. The class-based 'skill shot' gameplay is still there. You aim, you try to lead your target, you predict their movement. While other battle royales have you relying on random drops for your weaponry, the loot dropped here provides situational, temporary bonuses, or lets you deploy traps into the field. Your character's main abilities define your combat style, though.

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While I've got my eye on Spellbreak, I'm just glad to see some studios trying to get away from assault rifles and shotguns in the genre. The battle royale concept has always appealed to me, but clicking heads at a hundred yards away? That's just not my style. More of this sort of thing - I'm definitely hoping to find time for a few rounds of Battlerite Royale over these next few spooky evenings. If you see me in the field, try not to kill me too hard, okay?

Battlerite Royale is free to try for the next four days on Steam, and discounted to £12.59/€14/$14. The game will eventually be free-to-play, but buying in now gives access to all current and future characters, even post-release, although cosmetic items will have to be bought or earned through play.

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