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Battlerite Royale looks exactly like you'd think, except you can hide in a barrel

Barrelrite Royale

Last week Stunlock Studios announced that the upcoming Battlerite Royale, formerly a battle royale spin off mode in Battlerite, is actually going to be a standalone game. This week, they've shown off what the "Team Arena Brawler" looks like in its new form via the reveal trailer below. It looks almost exactly how I thought it would, except the flying wolf-wyrm that drops you off at the start is unexpectedly fabulous and there's an item that hides you in a barrel.

They've also kicked off the closed-beta signups, so keep reading if you want a chance to ride the marvellous creature above.

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Yep, that sure is Battlerite combat in a battle royale context. You can't really tell from the trailer, but a big difference between this and regular Battlerite are the more lethal abilities. The devs blogged about this last week, saying that while some champions remain "largely similar" those that revolved around protection and healing have had significant reworks.

What also isn't clear from that trailer is where the abilities stop and the consumable items begin. As mentioned by one of the devs on Reddit, that ridiculously long Bakko charge 40 seconds in is actually someone using rocket boots, a consumable item which any character can use. The same presumably goes for that barrel featured at the end, which I'm instantly in love with. Some of my favourite moments in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds have involved lurking in a bush mere metres away from an unsuspecting enemy, so I hope players don't get too wise to those barrels too quickly.

Battlerite Royale is pegged to come out near the end of next month as a standalone game with an (as yet unknown) upfront cost. Until then, you can sign up for the closed beta on the game's site.

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