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Battlerite Royale gets launch trailer ahead of its free-to-play release next week

'Battle' doesn't sound like a real word anymore

Battlerite Royale is exactly what it sounds like – a BR spinoff of the MOBA Battlerite – and it’ll be launching out of early access and into free-to-play next Tuesday, the 19th of February.

With one or two other free-to-play battle royales floating around at the moment, developers Stunlock Studios will be hoping their arena brawler origins are enough to set them apart. If you’ve not played Battlerite before, you can get an idea of those influences from the launch trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

If a trailer isn’t enough of an impression for you, Matt thinks it’s good too, according to his Battlerite Royale review. “Everything I find compelling about Battlerite’s combat is here,” says he, praising its mobility, precise spellslinging, and the top-down view that prevents other players from sneaking up on you.

He does caution, though, that dropping in and trying to learn all 20-odd characters at once might be a bit much, and that might become even more complicated because the free-to-play launch will bring three new heroes: boomerang-hurling Taya, time-manipulating goat creature Oldur, and waterbender Pearl. Luckily, the regular Battlerite is also free-to-play, so you can have an experiment there first, if you like.

Matt also sings the praises of the wolf transport, which you can see at the beginning of the trailer as well, and it’s definitely more exciting than the Plunkbat plane. I personally would welcome an arms race for ever more interesting aerial vehicles in this genre.

Battlerite Royale’s “big patch” will also introduce a battle pass and a battle season – they’re rather fond of the word ‘battle,’ apparently.

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