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Turn Skyrim's flora colourful with Dreams Of Hurling Your Entire Face Into A Rose Coloured Plastic Fern

Lovely doodly flora

Skyrim may be a fantasy land--you can tell because people wear furs and have weird American accents--but wouldn't it be nice if it were a little more fantastic? You can now turn the land's flora all colourful and doodly with Dreams Of Hurling Your Entire Face Into A Rose Coloured Plastic Fern, a wonderfully-named new mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. It's made by Pol Clarissou, who you might know as part of the Klondike collective and for his floral die 'em up Orchids To Dusk.

Pol has replaced Skyrim's leaves, plants, and other sprite-y flora with his colourful hand-drawn greenery. They're not meant to be 'realistic' replacements, instead seeding the land with a dreamy doodly tone. When a vista comes together, it seems magical.

You can download Dreams Of Hurling Your Entire Face Into A Rose Coloured Plastic Fern for Skyrim Special Edition from Nexus Mods or through Bethesda's doodad.

Pol notes that he doesn't know if it works with the regular old edition of Skyrim, and it did not for me when I tried. But I don't have much experience with modding Skyrim, beyond setting up Schlongs Of Skyrim for Cara that one time, so maybe you'll know better? I don't know about Skyrim VR either.

I do also recommend checking out Pol's dark cities, dark highways, and dark metro tunnels.

Disclosure: I vaguely know Pol? Very vaguely. Vaguely enough that I don't have any ha-ha-hilarious disclosure statement anecdotes to tell. Sorry.

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