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Hearthstone: How to beat Glinda Crowskin (Monster Hunt)

How to beat Glinda Crowskin in Hearthstone's Monster Hunt mode.

It’s time to face your rival. You may have already fought through seven other opponents, but the last one standing in Hearthstone’s Monster Hunt mode is special. What awaits is a foe who has a connection to your chosen hero – one who will offer a final test of the cards you’ve assembled, the treasures you’ve collected and your deck building skills.

The Monster Hunt nemesis for the Houndmaster is Glinda Crowskin: a potentially infuriating and exhausting battle that’ll require you to play some of the best control Hearthstone of your life. The minions will keep piling onto the board and it’s your job to brush them all aside for the victory. We’ve got some words of advice to help with just that.

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Writing Credit: Thanks to James Pickard for the writeup!

Glinda Crowskin: Overview

  • Name: Glinda Crowskin
  • Health: 50
  • Hero Power: False Heart (Passive) – While you control a minion your hero is Immune.

Prepare yourself for a long, control heavy game. Glinda Crowskin forces you to constantly clear minions if you hope to do any damage to her life total because of her hero power. She plays a lot of token cards too, which ensures there’ll be lots of annoying little creatures for you to deal with so she’s keeps her immunity.

Glinda Crowskin: Deck

Some cards to keep in mind when up against Glinda Crowskin:

  • Crowskin Faithful
  • Abyssal Enforcer
  • Twisting Nether
  • DOOM!
  • Splitting Festeroot
  • Imp-losion
  • Voidlord

Glinda Crowskin: Strategy

Keep the board clear. That is the singular, ultimate goal in your fight against Glinda Crowskin. She will, of course, do everything in her power to get sticky minions on the board or try to overwhelm you with tokens. But if you maintain control throughout the match you’ll be able to ignore her frustrating hero power.

Her legion of Crowskin Faithful are undoubtedly the most annoying creatures for lengthening the game, with every copy being shuffled back into her deck on death. At least the Houndmaster has a cheap and effective way of control through his hero power, then. You’ll need to have chosen the Companionship Treasure to make this available, so you can send your buffed up Bloodhounds into them for a quick kill at just two mana.

Be wary of minions such as Splitting Festeroot and Voidlord, which spawn additional creatures on death. Remember that you’ll have these to deal with on top of the original minion itself. You can use Treasures like Entrenchment to give your own minions some sticking power and trade with the extra creatures.

She does, however, have big board clears including Twisting Nether and DOOM! that can clear things up on your side if you overcommit. She also has a rather annoying way of dealing with your big creatures. Crowskin Pact will convert them into another Crowskin Faithful and allow her to take control of it, so don’t pin all your hopes in a single minion.

There’s going to be a long game ahead, but if you get every last drop of value from your cards and do everything in your power to keep her board in check you’ll be able to see if Glinda Crowskin for good.

Glinda Crowskin: Rewards

You’d think for getting through that slog there’d be immeasurable rewards awaiting you. In fact, all you get is one more hero ready to step up against Hagatha the Witch in the grand finale.

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