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Catholic guilt simulator Gray Dawn rises in June

Confess your sin to save your skin

On Christmas Eve 1910, you attempt to exorcise the demon from an altar-boy. You're qualified for this position because you're a priest and you think you're capable of taking this on. Turns out you aren't and the kid jumps out a window. Now you're suspected of murdering a little boy in your church and you've got to prove your innocence. You'll be put to death if you can't. Oh, and you absolutely set loose a demon that is tormenting you. Welcome to Gray Dawn, which is set to release in June.

Two days ago, Interactive Stone dropped a new trailer that shows off some gameplay:

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There's a heavy lean-in on puzzle mechanics here, with an incredible visual aspect that's been in development for a couple of years. I started following this in 2015 or so, and knowing that I finally get to play the game next month fills me with a wonderful sense of... oh. Oh no. That's just Catholic guilt. That's not wonderful at all.

Watch on YouTube

I'm sure there's more than one twist coming in the game where you play a priest, and the demonic manifestations of your past sins are certainly going to be... extra. Despite a failed Kickstarter attempt, Interactive Stone followed their dream and now the game is threatening to become a part of my life in just a few short weeks.

Pre-order it on Steam right here.

Certainly there won't be any spooky children in this spooky Catholic game.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 8.54.51 PM

Well. Oh no.

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