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October 2009 Archive

    1. Need A Hero: Champions Free Weekend
    2. Gonna Work It Out: Broken Brothers Deluxe
    3. The Making Of Natural Selection
    1. Pray Continue Living For Speed
    2. 3D World's 3D Worlds
    3. Tether Me To This Game: Just Cause 2 Trailer
    4. Painkiller: Resurrection Demo. No, Really.
    5. Wot I Think: Torchlight
    6. Borderlands Tweaks
    7. Mechwarrior's Twin Resurrections
    1. TF2 Halloween plus MICRO-ULTRO-SALE
    2. Futuregazing: 10 For 2010
    3. It's A Man's Man's Man's Man's World
    4. Man Solo: Smugglers IV Demo
    5. Futuremark Talk Shattered Horizon
    6. RPS Eve Community Doing Okay
    7. Time Travelling Sideways: ZeitĀ²
    8. BioShock Multiplayer: Capture The Sister
    9. Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Is Unlocked
    1. AssCreed TV
    2. Unity3D For Free
    3. Space Marine On PC, Oh Please Oh Please
    4. Agatha Christie Girlfriend Impressions
    5. Twelve Minute Shudder: Entropia Universe
    6. Oh What A Lovely Medal Wars?
    7. Earth & Beyond Emulator Stress Test
    8. Protecting The Eggs Of Freedom: Morty Koots
    9. Team Beneath A Steel Sky Reuintes
    10. Torchlight Demo On Steam
    11. Split/Second Off-Screen Video
    1. Modern Warfare 2 Opening Footage Leaked?
    2. More Zombie Survival Guiding: L4D2 Viral Ad
    3. Qualified Yays: Planescape Re-Release?
    4. Mining My Own Business: Space Asshole
    5. The Bubble Blursts
    6. Doom With A Thirty-Two: Skulltag 0.98a
    7. Jumpy Stabby: Assassin's Creed II Footage
    1. Incredi-bargain! STALKER! Incredi-bargain!
    2. The Zombie MegaMix
    3. Dicey Underwater Choices: Bioshock 2 Trailer
    4. Fort Zombie Shambles Toward Halloween
    5. Lego Universe Gallery
    6. Breaking: Predictable Thing Happens
    7. The Future Of Quake Live?
    8. RPS Asks: Your Mod Recommendations?
    9. Hands On: Star Trek Online
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Interview: Paul Jackson On RailWorks
    1. Dragon Age Journeys Live, And Rather Good
    2. It's A Small World. Let's Keep It That Way.
    3. Amping It Up: Dirt 2 & DirectX 11
    4. Drunk & Disdwarvely: New Dragon Age Trailer
    5. Extra Life Lessons: Game Over
    6. Legend Is Nigh: League of Legends Open Beta
    7. Available And Demoed: Metal Drift
    8. MCM Expo This Weekend. Some Games.
    9. Killing Floor: Free Stuff!
    10. Windows 7: Now You Can Buy It
    1. Together Alone: Last Standing In DoW 2
    2. Left 4 Dead 2 Cinematic Trailer Leaked
    3. The Spatialists: AureaSection Talk Naumachia
    4. The Frighteningly Modern Age: Facebook Civ
    5. Born To Rhun: Third Age Total War 1.3
    6. Metro: 2033, Official Trailer
    7. Art Of Murder: Cards Of Destiny Trailer
    8. Go Deep: Dragon Age Journeys Begins Today
    1. The Risen Report #6: Grinderman
    2. Harry Cannon's Pipe Dreams, Plus Song!
    3. 80 Foot Tall With Laserbeams For Eyes
    4. Paperback Writer
    5. Now Blossoming: Eufloria
    6. Angels & Demo(n)s: Painkiller: Resurrection
    7. Brand New? You're Retro: Death Rally
    8. Tuesday Bangosity: Bloodfield: The Meat City
    9. Modern Warfare 2 Server Response
    1. The Risen Report #5: Slave
    2. Zombie Shooter 2: May Contain Zombies
    3. Even Legendier: Twisted Treelines Revealed
    4. World Of Goo Sale Offers Fascinating Results
    5. A Hard Rain Comes: City Rain
    6. The RPS Verdict: Borderlands
    7. Gallery Piece: Unreal Art
    8. Surfacescapes: D&D On Microsoft Surface
    1. Seeing Stars: Another Trip To Nekogames
    2. Thoughts From Fallen Earth
    3. Z-Access: Shattered Horizon Footage
    4. The Right Dark Stuff: The Dark Mod 1.0
    5. Paper Crafty: Dragon Age Journeys
    6. Star Trek Online: The Next Next Generation
    7. Powerless To Resist: Addicsjon
    1. Heidi High: The Accu-Sim Piper Cub
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. No Dedicated Servers for MW2?
    1. The Wicket Man: Cricket Revolution
    2. Saturday Comes: FIFA Manager 10 Demo
    3. AvP: The Alien Trailer
    1. The Three Musketeers RPG: One For All?
    2. Special Operations Within Special Operations
    3. Multiplayer Freeosity Indie Shootage: Subvein
    4. Opening The Atlas: World of Battles Beta
    5. So Soon? Borderlands DLC Incoming
    6. Hypothetical Gaming: Design Reboot
    7. Wot I Think: Machinarium
    1. Cowboys And Other Cowboys: Lead & Gold
    2. Running Rings Around: Siege Of Mirkwood
    3. Splinter Cell: Neck-Breakathon
    4. Alpha Protocol Delay, Release Date
    5. Listen Y'all Y'all This Is The Saboteur
    6. Stupid Mice Get Virtual Reality Game
    7. Cry Some More: CryENGINE 3, STALKER 2?
    8. Evidence of Everything Exploding
    9. Kick Him Out: Football Manager 2010 Demo
    1. Wolfenstein: A Demo Of The 2009 Game
    2. Lego Indy 2 Has Cutest Level Editor Ever
    3. Driver Update: Direct2Drive Compo Results
    4. Give Brain Pieces A Chance: Boycott Ends
    5. Star Wars Zombalaxies
    6. China Bans Foreign MMO Investment
    7. Teenage Wasteland: Borderlands Char Dev
    8. Dawn Of Update: The Last Stand
    1. The Risen Report #4: Victim
    2. Dragon Age Character Creator, Snazzy Trailer
    3. Wot I Think: Lucidity
    4. Naumachia: Space Warfare
    5. Name Your Price For World Of Goo
    6. I Like Dying In My Car: Darkwind
    7. Extra Strange Mints: Papermint
    8. Hands On With Borderlands Co-Op
    1. The Risen Report #3: Native
    2. Left 4 Dead Posters Leakosity? Possibly.
    3. And Boom: Demolition City 2
    4. The Steamy Issue Of Digital Distribution
    5. Wooooahhhh! Atomic Super Boss
    6. I Like Trucking
    7. The Vault: Interstellar Marines Preview
    8. Sinclair User: BBC's Micro Men
    9. The Complete Alice And Kev
    1. Eurogamer: Jedi Knight Retro
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. Demolition Sim Demo Demolished
    1. Mad Props: Prop Hunt For TF2
    2. The New Old Republic: Coruscant
    3. Exile On Moon Street: Capsized
    1. Don't Go In The... Sky? Miami Shark
    2. Making 'em Like They Used To: Star Guard
    3. Torchlight Developer Diary Part 1: The Talent
    4. Even The Flash Can't Outrun The Axe
    5. Culture Of Clash: Zeno Clash Postmortem
    6. A Tale Of 2x2 City Of Heroes Missions
    7. Get Your Race On (Demo From The Internet)
    8. Alternative Reality News?
    9. A Magical Knight: King Arthur Diaries
    10. Oddbox: Oddworld Games On PC
    11. Cars > Undead: Zombie Driver
    1. "I Shit More Pixels Than This" - Top FPS
    2. The Risen Report #2: Sous-Chef
    3. Blocks, Rocking: Neverdaunt:8Bit Beta
    4. Things That Make You Go Boom?
    5. The Qix And The Dead Format: Fortix Demo
    6. Democracy In Action (Games): Vote Freeman
    7. WIT: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
    8. L4D2: Scavenger Mode
    1. The Risen Report #1: Tourist
    2. LucasArts' Lucidity Live On Steam
    3. Morning, Love
    4. FutureMouse
    5. Strange Adventures In Infinite Space! Free!
    6. Gabe In Australia
    7. Rather Good Fallout 3 Machinima
    8. HTFU: CCP's Hip Hop Video
    1. Magicka: It's An Adventure Of Some Sort
    2. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 32
    3. Handle With Care: Gamer Homophobia
    4. Direct2Drive Turns Five, Runs Compo
    5. Valve + DOTA = ???
    6. Dragon Age World Trailer, Screens
    7. The Complete RPS Cup: A Season In Hell
    8. Wilde In the Country: Fatale Released
    1. Room Escape: A Secret Giant?
    2. The RPS Cup: The Raging Naturists
    3. Angrytank Time: COD:MW2 PC Delayed
    4. Neils Clark On Game Addiction Fallacies
    5. Last Night's Modern Warfare 2 Trailer
    6. Don't Just Stand There: Stalkerfest
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Enigma: Rising (Rip) Tide
    3. Me, Myself And Psy: Telepath Psy Arena 2
    1. Interactive Fiction Comp 2009 Judging!
    2. The 3D Goggles, They Do Nothing?
    3. MyxoMMOatosis: BunniBunni
    1. Not Just Astrotraining: Astro Tripper PC
    2. Quiz To Do. Also, Kieron Murdered.
    3. Run RunMan, Man
    4. Battlestar Geriatrica: Homeworld Is 10
    5. Dragon Age Tour Guide: Denerim
    6. Extreme Trucker!
    7. Choo-Choose: World Train Royale
    1. STALKER: War Of The Mods
    2. Gabe Newell Is Heading Down Under
    3. Rise And Shine, It's Risen Demo Time
    4. Stardock's Wardell Slams GFWL
    5. Different Turtling: Neverending Islands
    6. We Built This City: New CitiesXL Footage
    7. Goon For Gold: Xanadu Isn't A Colour
    8. Nude Descending A Star: The Naked Void
    9. Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy Fan Film
    10. Is Love All You Need? Public Alpha Go!
    11. Danger! High Jumpage: Joe Danger
    12. Cutest Robots: Machinarium Demo