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A Tale Of 2x2 City Of Heroes Missions

I was thinking about blogging about this weekend in City of Heroes being one of those double-XP-and-reactivate-all-old-accounts weekends that MMOs like to throw... but the news breaking on another interesting initiative pushed possible into definite. You're aware that the Cities games have a level designer function, allowing players to design their own arcs? Well, since this is flexible and accessible enough, Paragon have started a Guest Writer program where they bring published authors to do a mission. The first four - from Bill Willingham (FABLES), Rooster Teeth (RED vs. BLUE) and Scott Kurtz (PvP) - debut on Tuesday, and you'll find the details below...

Guest Author: Bill Willingham, New York Times bestselling writer, and the creator of the multiple award winning comic book series Fables

Title: “Quest for Magic”

Description: Irena Faust is tired of being a civilian in a super world, so she's embarked upon a quest for super powers. She thinks magic is the way to go and she has an idea of where to start. Can you help her?

Guest Author: Rooster Teeth, best known for the popular comedy series, Red vs. Blue

Title: “Mission: Awesome”
Description: Help Captain Dynamic defeat the Great Face's evil plans...


Title: “The Great Face-Off”

Description: The Great Face wants to wreak havoc on Paragon City. He needs your help to free him from Paragon Prison and then carry out his master plan...

Guest Author: Scott Kurtz, a full-time comic-strip artist for “PvP”

Title: "OMG, it's the LOLBAT!"

Description: OMG! Your new contact on the street is none other than the Internet meme-obsessed hero, the LOLBAT, and he brings grave if not confusing news. The Algonquin Hate Table, a rogues´ gallery of the LOLBAT's greatest foes, are looking to expand their heinous if not artfully influenced crime syndicate into Paragon City. If you know what's good for you and the citizens you protect, you won't let that happen. Luckily, the LOLBAT knows how these guys work and he's ready to help you defeat these pompous profligates.

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised there wasn't more actual missions made by professional writers already in the system. There was - unsurprisingly - a lot of comic-creators who played City of Heroes to death when it came out. I know of one, from 2000AD writer Al Ewing, which you can apparently play by selecting "67280", but I bet there's more. I was also amused by despite the fact Matt Fraction wasn't playing it, back in the day when someone told him they'd created a Rex Mantooth character in the game, he took the time to write a one line battle-cry for him. Hurrah for Matt Fraction, etc.

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