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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 32

The planets aligned. The Mayan prophecies were proven true. All four Ultimate Controllers of Rock, Paper, Shotgun gathered together in one echoey lounge to create an electronic wireless show for the ages. Led by your tweeted contributions we discuss the highest matters of the day in a manner suited by fine gentlemen.

So of course our attention immediately turns to what's out the window and what we had for lunch. And hammers. An attempt to discuss Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 marketing somehow focuses on the topic of blood-splattered breasts, and then somehow becomes Kieron's terrifying analysis of the Polanksi affair.

Things then settle into discussions of videogames when we ponder the best and worst videogames we've played, which leads into a surprisingly interesting collection of words about the nature of bad games. (John would like to point out that the first game he reviewed was Sim City 2000, not 3000, as much as he'd like to be that young.)

Then there's discussion of the RPS Subscriber Newsletter - an exciting fortnightly treat for our fine, fine subscribers (want to be one - click here). There's analysis of all the latest games, like Cryo's Hellboy and Max Payne 2. There's attempts to find our most private financial information, which we deal with amazingly.

You've always wanted to know which member of RPS would be the best as a game character - find out! Then we get all nostalgic about Amiga Power for a bit, and Kieron's earliest games writing therein. Some slight traction with PC gaming related topics is found when we discuss the nature of difficulty in games, each providing our own individual thoughts that we had by ourself. And here's the link to Quintin's piece on Fable 2 Kieron mentions.

A short celebration of Batman: Arkham Asylum leads to a terrible confession from John, and then we recover the madness by discussing the significance of Tim Schafer appearing on a late night talk show, which you can watch below. And if you want to know what was being done to the microphone in the last two minutes, you'll have to wait until you're grown up.

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