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Dragon Age Character Creator, Snazzy Trailer

You can now download the Dragon Age character creator, letting you find out the range of races and looks available for your potential avatar. You can get it in English directly from clicking here, or if you're after another language head to the official Dragon Age site, in the column on the right. There's also a new and rather excellent CGI trailer, which you can see below.

You can also get the character creator from FilePlanet, but unless you've paid for an account you'll be sat in a queue. The download rate from BioWare's own site is pretty fantastic as it happens.

Once you get into the character creator (which is no mean feat - there's an unskippable trailer you've seen before - if you know how to delete biks it's worthwhile) you can, as you might imagine, create your character. But more significantly it reveals all the details regarding the available races, classes and origins. So you've got Humans, Elves and Dwarves. Noble or magic Humans, City, Dalish or magic Elves, and Noble or Commoner Dwarf. Then there's Warriors, Rogues, and Mages. That creates a total of six origin stories (Human Mage and Elf Mage have the same origin). You can, in fact, find out more details about the origins in last month's PC Gamer (ish 205), wot I wrote.

Not only that but you can see the full Skill and Talent trees available to each class, along with explanations of their importance. Once you've created your ideal character you can upload it to your EA account, for um, some reason? Either way, it's a fun little taste of the game to come, due November 3rd. Here's my creation:

If only she could come to life and marry me!

Perhaps the key thing to note about the trailer is that it doesn't have any silly metal stings at the end. In fact, it presents itself as an advert for a game aimed at gamers, which is quite a relief. Clearly it's all CGI, but it sure is fun!

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