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Killing Floor: Free Stuff!

Modders-gone-kinda-pro Tripwire Interactive have just released a chunk of free DLC for their popular co-op zombie shooter, Killling Floor. Do you like stuff? Well, it's got a bunch of stuff in it. More importantly, it's a pleasing sign of ongoing and generous support for a game that seemed pretty barebones to mine eye upon release. Also, there's currently a free weekend going on for it, so it's your chance to take a gander without spending any of your Earthman pennies. Details below. And a question!

These are the contents of the Level Up expansion:

1 new class - Demolitions
1 new level for every class
1 new monster type - the Husk
3 new maps
7 new weapons
1 total conversion mod
20+ Steam Achievements

Which sounds pretty tasty. Now, I didn't much care for Killing Floor at release (neither did I hate it - it just didn't grab me), mostly because of its raggedy presentation, but I'm keen to see how it's evolved over the last few months - especially as Tripwire should have a fair old cashpile to pour into it. The Free Weekend will inevitably go great guns for them, too - and as well as being no-pennies, it's also a fine chance to experience the game when its servers are absolutely teeming with life. If you like it sufficiently, there's also a 25% discount on for the duration of the weekend.

Install the temporarily free version like this, or pay for infini-access here. Requires a Steam account in either case.

Oh, that question, then. Anyone here playing Killing Floor? Has it significantly changed/improved since release? There's also an ongoing thread about it on the forum, in case you want to hook up with other players or share thoughts about which zombies you most fancy.

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