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Crying, Walking, Stabbing, Talking Living Doll: Killing Floor

Not quite as horrifying as Cliff

I do enjoy how Killing Floor's monsters look like people in Halloween costumes, the sort of thing one could make with a few hours and some household supplies. Given me a black bodysuit, some tights, cotton wool, pipe cleaners, socks, and wire coat hangers, and I'll make you a Crawler that'll win you pity in your office costume contest. Unsurprisingly, Killing Floor gets into Halloween in a big way.

The co-op survival FPS's annual spooky event launched yesterday, and KF is also part of Steam's ten-game Free Weekend Weekend, so all and sundry can come fight the horrible, horrible dolls that are murderous and horrible.

As is now traditional, the Halloween event turns Killing Floor's monsters into hillbillies and you can unlock the Grim Reaper and Commando Chicken player models by completing achievements. This year's update brings another new map, Club Clandestine, and an official mod starring horrible dolls.

Toy Master is a short trip inside a doll's house to fight toys in one new level. Killing Floor enemies become ventriloquist dummies with knives, cloth dolls with porcelain faces, and clown dolls with buzzsaw hands. You get four waves of survival, which also have ominous rocking chests that'll release giant dummies if the monsters smash them open, then a boss fight against a giant jack-in-the-box. It's short, but fun/unpleasant enough to be worth a download.

As well as being free for everyone to play until Sunday evening, Killing Floor and its DLC are all on sale until October 30.

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