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From XCOM To Payday 2: Steam's Free Weekend Weekend

11 games, all on sale too

I do miss demos. These Steam free weekends, where the full version of a game is opened up for a few days, do let us really get a feel for a game, but we have to wait for one to come along and then we need time to download and get stuck in. You won't have time to download or play much of this weekend's free trials, as Steam is holding a Free Weekend Weekend with a grand eleven games. Payday 2, XCOM, Don't Starve, Company of Heroes 2, and the other seven are all on sale as well, with discounts from 50-75% off. The first Payday is properly free too.

All these games are free to play until 1pm Steam Time on Sunday (9pm here):

I'd recommend trying games you've heard less about first, the ones where you don't already have a reasonable opinion of what to expect. You already know people will say "Oh gosh, you haven't played XCOM? Play XCOM." Perhaps try Blade Symphony, a game that's a bit more Marmite-y. Or XCOM. Play XCOM if you haven't. XCOM's really good.

Perhaps Valve are hoping you'll panic about not having enough time to try them all and end up buying loads because they're on sale. They are mostly great games, anyway. The discounts end on Monday.

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